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Mar 26th '11

*Puts on apron* I can't hardly wait. I should have a themed thanksgiving this year. I shall call it Danksgiving. :P

just Joshua Germantown, Maryland 1 posts
Mar 15th '13

well you all have really touched on a very interesting subject, that is left up to a lot of interpretation depending on which side of life you stand.

again these are just my thoughts and opinions:

if you consider yourself a true dedicated Christian you will take the Bible for god's literal word. Period...

but there's 1 key element I feel everyone has left out of this topic and that god gave us free will. But free will is kind of like a double edged swordyou can either a make your choices as God intended, or fail in your choice and sin against him.

now I am NOT an expert by any means again these are just my thoughts and I have very conflicting thoughts about both sides.

yes I do indulge and I will admit guilt sometimes, I probably ask myself is question over 1,000,000 timesbut then I wonder if that's my free will trying to justify the cause to a means