Baby dropping @ about 32 weeks?...also...Baby hiccups? BabyDoll♥♥ 1 child; Columbia, Maryland 2485 posts
16th Oct '08

For the last couple of days i've been feeling pressure in my lower kind of feels like I am fool or something...I mainly feel what feels like kicking around my belly button area when i used to feel it all around...also my boyfriend and other people are telling me I got lower..I haven't noticed...I wanted to know if your supposed to drop this early and does this mean that my baby will come earlier?...My sister just had her baby girl about 2 months ago and she said that she dropped around 32 weeks like meand she had her baby in Aug whenshe was due in Sep..what does this mean for me?

2nd questionI have is...
now that i "dropped" it seems likeI feel her hiccup more lower because it used to be that I would feel her hiccup wherever she was and now it's just in my lower stomach like right underneath my belly buttondirectly above my "area" it feels like taps going like 30 or more per millasecond...i can definetly tell their hiccups coz she be kickin tha hell outta me!!! is alot of hiccuping bad? what does this mean?

if anyone can help...thanx bumches!

Hilabug Due April 19; 1 child; Idaho 1176 posts
16th Oct '08

My little girl hiccups about 2 times a childbirth teacher said some babies hiccup up to 5 or 6 times a day or more!! And a bunch of girls in my childbirth class said their babies hiccup a ton!!!! So that's normal!!!

I don't know about dropping though....I'm almost 33 weeks and haven't dropped yet!

Hailey89 Wisconsin 2 posts
17th Oct '08

I had an ultrasound yesterday and im 30 weeks and my little girl has dropped!!

staci lynn South Carolina 1 posts
21st Oct '08
~Marsala~ [HBC] Due March 25; 1 child; Brazil 2376 posts
22nd Oct '08

I just had my 33 wks ultrasound and the baby has dropped!

HisJess Due September 20 (girl); 1 child; Texas 3006 posts
22nd Oct '08

I'm in my 32 week and my son dropped last week. And he gets the hiccups at least once a day.

~Cherrie~ 2 kids; Texas 311 posts
22nd Oct '08

My baby hiccups all the time. At least 2 or 3 times a day, if not more. She just finished an episode a few minutes ago.

I'm a little concerned because I don't feel like my baby has dropped much. My coworker who's pregnant and due after me has dropped already and says she feels like she has a bowling ball in her crotch, lol. I have some pressure there, but I mostly feel like my bowling ball is still sitting right beneath my b**bs. I can't breathe. Ugh.

JΔ$ Georgia 80729 posts
22nd Oct '08

You may have dropped already. I dropped at exactly 32 weeks also. Next time you go in for your appt. you can ask your doctor if you have dropped and s/he will be able to tell ya. As for the hiccups, they won't hurt your baby. :) My daughter has hiccups almost all day.

BabyDoll♥♥ 1 child; Columbia, Maryland 2485 posts
22nd Oct '08

thanx 4 all ur help...i went for a docs appt the other day n the heartbeat was very faint and hard to find so the doc pulled in the ultrasound machine..the baby turned facing down, but hasn't dropped yet..the doc said this is norm n she should drop within the next few weeks...but everythings looking good so far...n the hiccups..dosen't seem to be doing alot ne more but everyonce in a while...