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May 14th '10
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Alina Naydine☆ Due December 14 (girl); 17 kids; Vista, California 17772 posts
May 14th '10

adding ash & brooklyn
bought some cute bby girl clothes EUC
and i love the outfit...thanks a lot...
fast shipping too

Rae [Team Pink] BBM 19 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 10517 posts
May 14th '10

I would like to add CrapBag.

She sold me 2 gDipers for a great price and even threw indisposableliners for them. They shipped suuuper fast!
Thanks Laurie!!

ash & brooklynn +2 Due March 1 (girl); 2 kids; St Paul, Minnesota 16900 posts
May 15th '10
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Cam-Bam's Mama-Jam 1 child; Waterloo, New York 10992 posts
May 15th '10

Adding Robin a adorable taggie she made me my LO. I love it, she did a great job! Thanks mama!

She even included care and safety instructions!

Trisha-Mom of 3 3 kids; Vancouver, Washington 18744 posts
May 15th '10
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Trisha-Mom of 3 3 kids; Vancouver, Washington 18744 posts
May 15th '10
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Whitnaaaaaay Due March 27; 3 kids; Maryland 2365 posts
May 15th '10

Adding Tatum's Bowtique
She made my princess the most gorgeous bows!! Very nice and very quick!! I will definitely be ordering more!!
30096_590176744321_41004359_32949356_781Here's my little lady with one of the bows!

HeatherAlexis{MWP} 1 child; Looneyville, 9511 posts
May 15th '10

Id like to add rachel.. I have been ordering bows from her for a long time and this last set was just as good as any other!! So cute and very fast shipping!! Thank you rach!

{Noah & Lucas' Mommy} TTC since Feb 2015; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Nebraska 46991 posts
May 15th '10
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Patricia Mendoza Due June 19; 4 kids; Arlington, Texas 6372 posts
May 15th '10

I have to add Tisha to the list I bought 23 shirts for 66 dollars but there very nice shirts..She is VERY reasonable and waits for you and hold what you want till you can pay. She not like other sellers and sells the item to whoever pays right away.. I cant wait to do more shopping with her!!

*MOMMY3* Houston, Texas 2502 posts
May 15th '10

i would like to add this mama ivans mama
i got some baby boys clothes they in very good euc and ship out the same day
thanks mamas i like everything!!!!

KENDALL'S♥MOMMY 19 kids; Hanover, Pennsylvania 3275 posts
May 15th '10
This mama. For fast shipping, and a wonderful deal on a outfit in EEUC!!! not to mention that it looks super cute on my daughter!! thanks again!!

No Girls Allowed 4 kids; Nevada 71992 posts
May 15th '10's Mommy ♥
for a super cute elmo set in VERY good condition that came so fast

Mommy of 2 Toddlers Due January 11 (boy); 18 kids; Kentucky 5299 posts
May 15th '10

ash & Brooklyn for the great Gymbo that I bought from her fast shipping thanks hun