No Girls Allowed 4 kids; Nevada 71992 posts
15th May '10's Mommy ♥
for a super cute elmo set in VERY good condition that came so fast

Mommy of 2 Toddlers Due January 11; 18 kids; Kentucky 5299 posts
15th May '10

ash & Brooklyn for the great Gymbo that I bought from her fast shipping thanks hun

iVANS MAMA 2 kids; California 1814 posts
15th May '10
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Mamacita♥ 1 child; Hawaii 829 posts
15th May '10


i recieved headbands from her, she was a great seller and i enjoyed buying from her :)

★ALEXANDRA ★ 2 kids; Houston, Texas 7202 posts
15th May '10

i bought super cute gap jeans in VERY good condition!
tanks hun

★ALEXANDRA ★ 2 kids; Houston, Texas 7202 posts
15th May '10
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Puяp Juicє 1 child; Florida 13180 posts
15th May '10

for some super fly ass J's i bought from her for Mario I love them so much!!! and thanks so much Danielle!!!!!

Meg {TBT} Due August 18; 1 child; Flemingsburg, Kentucky 3371 posts
15th May '10

Want to add 2 mamas to this thread!

For baby boy clothes.

And, Alex:
For the crocheted beanies she made my daughter and baby boy!!

C♥B♥T 3 kids; Louisiana 23939 posts
16th May '10

Bean Bunny Designs

I had an invitation printable made for my daughter's b-day and she did an awesome job! She got it done quickly too! I am very pleased :D

Damien & Wyatt's Mommy 2 kids; Junction City, Kansas 25956 posts
16th May '10

I want to add Heather[Faith's Mommy]
to this list, i won a prize from her and she shipped quickly

Kenzie Doll. Due August 13; 1 child; Westerly, Rhode Island 11727 posts
16th May '10

adding this mama
for two awesome tyedye tanks! she's super sweet and even shows you your custom item before you pay!

I♥Em&Gugga 2 kids; Evansville, Indiana 27744 posts
16th May '10

Adding this mama,
Bought a shirt from her. Great price and fast shipping!

And this mama,
Also bought a shirt from her! Great price & fast shipping:D

ChiaPetsMom {TJB} 33 kids; Clackamas, Oregon 39566 posts
16th May '10

Adding!! She made me a diaper cover for my son's bday pictures! She RUSHED it and got it done in 1 day for me! And had it sent out 2 days after I ordered it! I got it on the day of Logan's pictures with 20 minutes to spare! She absolutely made his pictures better! I cant say thank you enough!
27723_408893086936_533306936_4543990_48427723_408893056936_533306936_4543987_806And he will be wearing it on his birthday for the cake! And it fits perfectally!

Brightside 2 kids; Bald Knob, Arkansas 58130 posts
16th May '10

Adding amanda!

She made my new site banner and look how PERFECT it is!!!!!!bb4.png

spacey mcpants TTC since Nov 2011; 252 kids; Beaufort, South Carolina 39646 posts
16th May '10
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