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May 25th '09

I just noticed that I was on pg 3 but it was never added to the OP. So I was wondering if that could be added when the next update is done? Thanks! :D

Here is my updated info...

pg 3, 5, 11, 61, 132, 135, 165, 183

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May 25th '09

Sammie Jay / Clippie Couture

Super fast shipper and awesome lil cutie clippies :)

jvnfskjlgadfueaklnczkl 2 kids; Virginia 53835 posts
May 25th '09
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May 25th '09
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May 25th '09

I want to add Andrea (Booperelli). She's a good seller and shipping was fast!

aperture 2 kids; New Jersey 14866 posts
May 25th '09


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May 25th '09
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May 26th '09

I am adding Allee Waiting For Kyra as well!
She rocks! Her prices are great and she shipped my items out super fast. When I had a problem with my order she fixed it right away. She even threw in a ton of extras!

Mama MadDog ツ Due February 24; 1 child; Tennessee 14435 posts
May 26th '09

Creations by Lynne BCF

this mama is amazing. i have one of her diaper cases and i love it. it got to me very quickly and the design is definately one of a kind. and all of my friends have been complimenting me on it
this mama gets two thumbs up from me =]

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May 26th '09
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May 26th '09

such a sweetheart! I ordered a tutu & it got lost she told me she would send me another one which I no longer needed was so sweet about refunding me & two days after my refund I get a box in the mail with no return label butI searched the zip code it was sent from & found out it was from her, she sent mean adorable lady bug bow! I will definatly be ordering from her she is a wonderful lady!

the asari Due November 17; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Utah 2936 posts
May 26th '09

I recommend Rachael

good communication.. got 3 shirts from her... :)

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May 26th '09

I would like to add:
letter2elise loves taffy!

SHe was really understanding and put up with all 800 of my questions. She did exactly what I asked for. She really delivers. Plus the taffy is soooooo yummy that I bought. I got it really quick. And I highly recommend her! :)

Thank you so much.

PS: I loved the packaging as well. Soooo cute!

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May 26th '09

I want to add Robyn Ellis:
Her sock monsters are adorable!

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May 26th '09

I want to add Lauren:
I ordered some bows from her and they got her in like 3 days. I love them and am very satisfied!