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Aug 30th '09
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Aug 30th '09
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Aug 30th '09

BRIGHTSIDE has hit the jack pot!! lol I just wanted to say that I purchased some MAC brushed from her and I love love love them. So if you were thinking about getting some, you should. Thanks momma!

Brightside 2 kids; Bald Knob, Arkansas 58130 posts
Aug 30th '09
Sabrina~SquishyButts 20 kids; El Paso, Texas 46345 posts
Aug 30th '09

Adding Sheila once again....don't really need to link her...we all know who she is and where to find her! She made me a great siggy for my little shop and I love it! I'm so high maintenance and she put up with me so well, and made this...

Thanks Sheila!

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Aug 30th '09
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Aug 31st '09

I would like to add Momma Kat (Kat)

I bought three nice pairs of sweat for my son - she shipped them fast and they still smelled dryer FRESH! ; )

*Cherries* 2 kids; Oregon 1841 posts
Aug 31st '09

recieved a robe excelent condition fast shipping Great seller

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Aug 31st '09
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Aug 31st '09

Adding Shaina (Zai's Mama). Bought 2 dresses from her for super cheap & she shipped fast. Dresses were as described, thank you!:D

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Aug 31st '09

adding tiffany! got fragrances, hand sanitizer and lotion in great timing!

Buh Byyyyyye Batman, Turkey 50586 posts
Aug 31st '09

I wanted to add sheilalynn

Her graphics are awesome and my blog looks great now!!


Mother-Goose 17 kids; Springfield, Massachusetts 11164 posts
Aug 31st '09
Also would like to add her; her name is Desirae she is great at what she does and shipping is fast

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Aug 31st '09
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Aug 31st '09

I just received my bow holder from the infamous karibou :D:D:D
she is AWESOME
and it is WAY better than I expected!!!!!!!
I highly recommend her :D:D:D
It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!