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8th Nov '07
Quoting skittles102305:" u dont have to skip your appt. that same shit happend to me u call your clinic and tell them your in ... [snip!] ... be a constant pain in the ass cuz they'll take their sweet ol time it took me from july to august to officially be on medicade"

WOW that long? I went to one of those pregnancy testing centers, which I didnt know until I walked in that each one is a referral center for a different hospital, and if you want to have your baby at that hospital, they help you complete all paperwork including getting signed up for Medicaid, so thats what I did,They give you a paper saying "your pending Medicaid" meaning you have signed up but not sure if you will get covered, they have you sign a paper tho, saying if your not covered then you are liable for all expenses for dr visits made while you were pending. make sense?

Anyway Exactly one week after I filled out the paperwork, I got the medicaid papers in the mail. At that point you choose your health plan that you want and then that process takes 30-45 days but while your waiting you have "traditional Medicaid" so you just make sure that the dr your seeing takes "traditional mediciad" for the time being and make sure they take the health plan you chose.

Ok.......I really thought the whole Medicaid process and stuff would be hard to get and Id get the run around cause I always hear complaints but actually Ive gotten really good service soo far. Keep in mind you can change your healthplan up to 3 times I believe, in case your not happy with the one you chose. :)

Harmony 3 kids; Lake Charles, Louisiana 201 posts
10th Nov '07

I have had Louisiana Medicaid for all of my pregnancys and I have not paid for anything. I even losted the lasted pregnancy and I went to the hospital 2 times with multi. tests and I paid nothing. I love my medicaid.

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12th Nov '07
Quoting g0ds3nt4bricks:" im glad i have medicaid. the only thing ima have to pay for is for him to get circumcised"

wow, when did they change that? When I had my son and was on medicaid they paid for everything...including the circumcision. That was a plus because those few snips cost almost $

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14th Nov '07

I am about 3 1/2 months preg. and have been trying since the begaining of my pegnancy to get on Medicaid, baised off of what I make my 4 year old son was approved, but I was denied?? where I live its all done by mail now, and for months I have been calling and leaving messages for my cassworker, who has NEVER called me back, not one time. Now I am on bed est and unable to work at all due to heavy bleeding last week, and they discoveredI haveplacenta pervia. So now no money coming in, but since I have to stay in this bed, it gives me time to call every other hour to leave messages that no one returns :evil: the least they could do is call me and tell me why I am not covered.

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15th Nov '07

sheesh...when i first found out i was pregnant..i applied for medicaid right away [that nite] then i went down there, where you literally have to plan a WHOLE day for it...i sat there for FOUR hours...then their computers shut down, so they got everyones names...someone called me back the next day because i left a msg. that it was an EMERGENCY, so they scheduled and appt. asap with a caseworker...r u sure u can't go online and do it? I kno we hav that in WI., where u can check ur status and stuff... if u son got approved..YOU HAVE TO! as for caseworkers they have like a trillion cases...and dont do n e thing until u make urself KNOWN. good luck. srsly.

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15th Nov '07
Quoting Brystal:
Noush Florida 4 posts
21st Nov '07

I have health insurance but it doesn't cover the maternity center I am using in Florida. Even so, they only charge $3,600 if you dont have insurance or are paying out of pocket for complete prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum for 6 weeks. It is still a lot for my pocket, but nothing compared to the prices I keep hearing about for hospitals.

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23rd Nov '07
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23rd Nov '07

i live in nj and was on my dad insurance which does cover pregnancy, but it ends dec 31 of the year you turn 23, (which i just did) but you can continue coverage for a cost, it will be about 500 dollars a month but it will cover every thing, and seeing that it cost $271 a doctor vist (i have one a month) i'm very anemic ( iron pills $40 for 28 days) and for the delivery will be about 10,000-15,000 at least so in the end pay the 500 dollars a month would be cheaper then what all that would cost out of pocket, seeing the my household income is too much for medicare since i live with my parents and a student, i will pay 150 and my boyfriend and father will pay the rest

Nattinger Alaska 2 posts
28th Nov '07

Note to self: move to Canada!!!

HapaiMama 2 kids; Hawaii 6 posts
30th Nov '07

I live in Hawaii, and I don't know how much different it is in other states, but I'm currently uninsured. I don't qualify for medicaid, because my husband is making too much. He can afford the premiums, but it will take up to 3 to 4 months to get approved by anyone for individual plans. He is self employedand works alone, and to my understanding, he does not qualify for an employer package. I just got my first lab bill, not including doctor bill and it came out to $600! This is the first time I am having a child without insurance, so I feel like a chicken without a head, not knowing who to turn to for help. My first 2 I had medicaid, so I had no idea how much having a child costs! I think byJuly I'll be in doctor debt in the 10 thousands.

The Tooth Fairy 2 kids; Vicenza, Italy 6756 posts
2nd Dec '07

I thank god since I live with my parents I'm a dependent of the Air force. So IM covered until im 23? Something like that...But my poor Haylie is only covered the first 2 weeks after she's born- so she'll be on medicaid!

Ahh stress! let's all move to canada

Brittneym Indiana 6 posts
3rd Dec '07

I don't qualify for insurance at my work place until February 08. I have not went to get Medicaid yet. I keep thinking that I won't qualify if they consider my bf's income and mine. We both work full time. He has 4 children from a previous marriage, so child support is high. I just don't imagine they will take that into consideration.

I live in Indiana. Does anyone know about Indiana Medicaid?

viena 3 kids; London, United Kingdom 2556 posts
3rd Dec '07

i am well shocked, it must be so stressfull, babies are already expensive let alone having to pay for doctors or insurance, to have a baby........ i am so glad i live in england.......

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7th Dec '07

Pregnant? No Insurance? Check out this link on my website... I am not an "ad pusher", but I personally spoke to a rep. from this company and I would not have put this ad on my site if it would not be of benefit. I can't quote the exact cost, but I do know that the cost of this coverage is nothing compared to what it costs to have a baby "out of pocket". Please let me know if this is a good plan for you- this is a new site and I have yet to receive feedback regarding this program.
* You will go into the "welcome page" where you will see a link for this...