Chaotic_Cupcake TTC since Jul 2012; 17 kids; Waupaca, Wisconsin 18 posts
Aug 7th '12

My first pregnancy was COMPLETELY covered. When I got pregnant the second time, I was under my husbands insurance. The hospital told us the estimated total cost at our first ob visit. It was around $4,000. About $5,000 if I have to have another C-section.

ambrahh 1 child; New Jersey 404 posts
Aug 8th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting lola1:</b>" how do i get medicaid in newjersery anyone knows"</blockquote>

Board of social services. That's where I went to get it..even though going there sucks. I recently got Medicaid where I live now in NC and its much different..and a but easier I felt like.

Kaela Taylor Due November 5; Japan 5 posts
Aug 12th '12
Quoting OokyBoogie:" Thank you. I had to get on Medicaid for my pregnancy though ! The cost of health insurance is WAY too high nowadays :shock:"

Yeah my hubby is in the military.. we decided that while he was still in we were going to have a baby. He's been in for 7 years so far.. it just took us 6 of those years to get pregnant... all of my healthcare is covered 100% but the negative side is that I don't know who will be delivering my baby.

Aequitas7 Due August 26; Japan 1 posts
Aug 13th '12

I applied for Medicaid, but I'm still waiting on the approval or denial. I'm 38 weeks along and up until about last month I had insurance through the military. But now that it's gone I'm really banking on Medicaid. Does anyone know if they will cover the delivery if I get the approval afterwards? I heard from a friend that if I hold on to all the bills and such and do end up getting approved they will still pay for the delivery. I really hope so... I don't have any other options right now...

It's a boy!!!!*3/27/13* 19 kids; Kyle, Texas 4244 posts
Aug 26th '12

I am tryin to get Medicaid now and it's such a run around. I can never get anyone in the phone and they ask for info I don't have(like my employment info...umm on my application I said 0 for my income since I don't work).

I live in mason county in wa anyone have any advice to helps this process along so I can regularly see an ob soon?

Niki Evans Due February 8; South Dakota 57 posts
Aug 31st '12
Quoting Ready2Pop:" I don't have insurance, I'm kind of worried about that. It's like more than 500 dollars just to have a baby I'm guessing."

Try like 20,000 dollars. thats not including pain meds and epidurals and all that fun stuff

Sep 3rd '12

I am 17weeks and I was told I do not qualify for Medicare and don't know what to do can anyone help

Sep 4th '12
Quoting Aequitas7:" I applied for Medicaid, but I'm still waiting on the approval or denial. I'm 38 weeks along and up until ... [snip!] ... end up getting approved they will still pay for the delivery. I really hope so... I don't have any other options right now..."

they will cover 3 months back

Brittany Rotich Due September 27; Japan 2 posts
Sep 12th '12

I am very blessed to have a husband that serves in the military. When I first got pregnant I was carrying my own insurance thru my place of employment and I was having to pay a bi-weekly premium, 20% out of pocket, and a deductible. When my husband changed to active duty I was able to obtain TriCare...which soldiers actually do pay a premium for. TriCare has been excellent with covering all of my medical cost during my pregnancy. If I still had my old insurance I would not be able to afford all of my medical care because of all the extra care I require due to complications. I think medical care and cost is something that all people should think about before they decide to become pregnant.

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
Sep 13th '12

From what I've read, Obamacare will require insurance companies to cover maternity care...unfortunately, that part doesn't fully take effect until 2014.

Karra Byrd Due December 23 (girl); Blanchard, Oklahoma 100 posts
Sep 17th '12
Quoting g0ds3nt4bricks:" im glad i have medicaid. the only thing ima have to pay for is for him to get circumcised"

medicaid pays for that too

Serial Mom87 Due April 15 (boy); New York 10 posts
Sep 22nd '12

For people in NY you can apply for child health plus. It covers pregnant women and kids under the age of 19. They will make you think it won't cover but it will cover. You have to be on their ass cause they suck. But in order to qualify for it you first have to apply for medicad. Its there if you don't qualify for medicad. But from what I heard, child health plus covers so much more. Current;y my 6 year old is cover and I pay $8 per month. I do pay for my own insurance ($400 per month).

Serial Mom87 Due April 15 (boy); New York 10 posts
Sep 22nd '12

If you give birth in a catholic hospital, most likely they will have some kind of charity care for those who can not afford their medical bills. The catholic church has the most amount of money out of any other kind of religous organizations. When you get you bill, call the billing department and ask for it. They might pretend they don't have it and try to set up a payment plan. Once they say ok, they will send you forms that you fill out along w/your tax returns (and spouse if you have one) and they might be able to get it alot lower or take it away tottally. I've gotten rid of a few medical bills doing this when I had no health insurance. I hope this helps.

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
Sep 23rd '12
Quoting Czichadee:" I am in Canada so I have no idea what it's like to have to pay for medical services. I can't imagine how stressful that would be."

It's amazing how that concept works so well in Canada but people are SO opposed to it here! I can't believe how controversial the idea of universal health care is...we are so behind in that respect...
Daniella Moreno Due December 14 (boy); Chicago, Illinois 17 posts
Sep 25th '12
Quoting :" Geeze I hate to say but you all get the raw end of the deal, we dont have to have insurance in australia ... [snip!] ... and all your bills are covered, however if you want private then you either get private insurance or pay out of pocket :)"

whoa that's awesome for free healthcare unless super poor then the state helps you.