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1st Dec

Quoting ~Jeffery's Mommy~ JAS08:
I have applied for Medicaid due to the fact that my husband never got insurance from his work b4 I got pregnant, cause well we never really get that sick, then when we thought about TTC, we were going to sign up for his ins. but his contract will end in Nov. so we just decided to wait to see if we got pregnant, well we did, But now I just decided to apply for Medicaid, they told me it takes up to 15 days for it to go through. So Im still waiting to see, Im pretty sure we qualify, due to the fact that my husband is the only one working.

But I dunno what Medicaid covers....Does it cover waterbirth? Probably not, so Im rethinking that whole thing maybe with my second. But anyway, should I have it regularly, does the Medicaid Cover pain drugs? What abour circumcision if I have a boy?

What medicaid covers is different in every state. Here in NC it covers everything from pre-natal care to the birth. It should cover a water birth if it is done in a hospital. Yes medicaid covers the medications that you will get. With my first child it took medicaid almost 3 months to come through after applying. By the time I got my first appointment I was just shy of 6 months. I have now applied for medicaid again and It's been 1 1/2 months so far, but we are also under the new Obama Care Act so I have been told it may take longer than normal because of all the new laws and qualifications. Good luck! :)