Do You Believe in Cats Coming Around When Someone is Pregnan LOVE. Me Texas 20 posts
Nov 5th '08

old people always tell me this i think its nuts
but one time when my sister was pregnant some with her 2nd child
a cat had her kittens right under the house [under her room[ she couldn't
even sleep in there due to the noise idk it's sort've strange to me...

_._._._ 18 kids; London, Ontario 38382 posts
Nov 5th '08

I dunno.. I have 3 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment.. they're always around haha.

Mama [kdv] 1 child; Arizona 32176 posts
Nov 5th '08
Quoting Britt.Britt.:
"Mommy of 2 boys" 2 kids; Massachusetts 847 posts
Nov 5th '08

its funny that you mentioned this, I never thought about it till now. But when I found out I was pregnant, we had like 3 stray cats start showing up around the house.. weird...

Ciaras momma 1 child; Florida 1493 posts
Nov 5th '08

i have 3 cats.. im pretty sure its fine, i just know that your not supposed to be around thier litter box or clean it

Piecey. 4 kids; Worms, RP, Germany 68198 posts
status Nov 5th '08

never heard that before

i had 2 cats chillin in my front yard today

Caleb&mommy 1 child; Hollywood, South Carolina 304 posts
Nov 5th '08

yea they do come around. but i always think that cats are evil.but my gmama says that when they come around the house all of a sudden that just means that somebodies pregnant in the household (but she never told me why though)

Tavens momma 1 child; Alaska 1080 posts
Nov 5th '08
Quoting ONE ♡ L0VE:
"Mommy of 2 boys" 2 kids; Massachusetts 847 posts
Nov 5th '08

every animal comes around me when I'm pregnant lol. I had a bald eagle flying around our house the other day for like 20 minutes. When I go in a barn, cows go crazy. Cats are always around me. My dog loves to rub his head on my belly. I feel like friggen Dr. Dolittle lol.

betsy x2 2 kids; Indiana 215 posts
Nov 5th '08

animals have a kind-of sixth sence about that stuff. my cat has not left me alone since i have been pregnant.

Kristina + Baby Taylor 1 child; Lebanon, Ohio 414 posts
Nov 5th '08

My cat came back after being MIA for like 3 weeks. i wish he would leave again tho. hes annoying. i hate cats. i love dogs lol

minxmango 1 child; Summerville, South Carolina 2096 posts
Nov 6th '08

That's weird, I haven't heard that before but there's a stray that's been hanging out around my house ever since I got home from vacation. It sits on the steps right in front of the window and tortures my dog all day.