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Paxton - what do you think of it? Anxiously awaiting #2 1 child; Texas 10 posts
18th Nov '08

We do not know the sex of our baby (that is due next week!) but we still haven't decided for sure on a little boy name. It was much easier the first time around for us to agree on a name - we have a son already whose name is Hudson. My husband is really stuck on the name Paxton if this one is a boy and I'm still just not sure about it. What are your opinions? Do you like it or not? What middle name would you suggest if we do go with it?

OG i feel pretty BITCH 4 kids; Arkansas 4641 posts
18th Nov '08

I like it....

~Brenda~ 1 child; Rhinelander, Wisconsin 4479 posts
18th Nov '08

I dont have a problem with it. Its very unique.

Here are some middle names i can think of:
Paxton Robert
Paxton James
Paxton Louis
Paxton Joshua

Mama+2 1 child; West Jordan, Utah 6050 posts
18th Nov '08

This girl i know named her son that and i hate her so i dont really like the name lol...

Aidan's Incubator 16 kids; Cooperstown, New York 890 posts
18th Nov '08

It's a cute name.

It's a name you don't hear all that often.... like the name, Brock... I only know of ONEguy with this name... and my old cat was named this too! *hehe*

Gray&Cohen's mum 2 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 6334 posts
18th Nov '08

I found that name in my baby name book last night.I love it!

Ben's Bec & Call 1 child; USA 1638 posts
18th Nov '08

I use to babysit a little boy named daxton james

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
18th Nov '08

I don't like it
it's not cute
it doesn't sound powerful or smart
it doesn't age well

i can't imagine a 60 yo w/the name Paxton.

Chase and Riley's Momma 2 kids; Gaston, Indiana 1039 posts
18th Nov '08

Paxton is one of our choices.....along with about 10 others lol. We can't agree on anything.

babynamegenie Oklahoma 4 posts
25th Jan '09

I think the name Paxton is great. I think it sounds powerful and smart!!! It also has a great meaning which is peaceful one. I like it much better than the name say Elliot for example. Although the girl on scrubs Elliot is kind of funny. I can also imagine a 60 year old man named Paxton in fact there is an actor named Paxton Whitehead who is at least that old and the name fits him. Go for it!

♥ ToniAnne &hearts 43 kids; Massachusetts 5941 posts
25th Jan '09
Quoting Anxiously awaiting #2:
castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 18092 posts
25th Jan '09

Even though I havn't heard of that name too many times, it still sounds trendy to me, which I'm not a fan of.

paxsmom Due March 23; Japan 2 posts
12th Sep

We named our first boy Paxton Allen. Paxton means peaceful and he was at that. He was the most peaceful baby ever! I LOVE the name for girl or boy!!