Feeling the baby move at 12 weeks? mrslychee Due March 27 (girl); 1 child; New York, New York 202 posts
20th Nov '08

I swear, I think I feel the baby move. Every once in awhile, often in the morning or at night when I'm laying in bed, I feel a little something almost like tiny bubbles or internal nudges in my abdomen. It seems different from any other feeling, like gas, but who knows? Anyone else have experience with this?

Kimbers74 {30+} 2 kids; Rockwall, Texas 3409 posts
20th Nov '08

Hehe it felt like poprocks under my skin for me :) It was so cool and made me look forward to his kicking me... lol now that he's kicking me I want my bubbles back!!

2 Girls And Now A Boy! 67 kids; St John's, 3051 posts
20th Nov '08

I didnt feel anything that early with either of my girls but with my TWINS I started feeling flutters around 12 weeks......are there twins in your family?? Good luck!

Emry Joy's Mommy Due November 26; 1 child; California 671 posts
20th Nov '08

it felt like a ball bouncing around off the walls of my tummy, very light and calm and I wanted hard kicks so I knew what it I get hard kicks all night long! :) But I love to feel her kick, it reminds me that she is there and growing. You def. could have felt moving, maybe not kicking becaue the bones are not strong enough yet, but they are in there, you could have a wiggle worm!!

Elaborate Dream 2 kids; Charleston, West Virginia 2519 posts
20th Nov '08

I was told it was gas...but I felt Aydin at 13 weeks

Melissa124 Texas 3 posts
20th Nov '08

I felt the same thing at 12 weeks. I wasn't for sure if it was gas or if I was hungry lol or what. The best thing to look for is a pattern. If this feeling happens everyday you will be able to the difference between gas and baby kicks. My baby kicks at 12 weeks were confirmed when I did an ultrasound because I could see the baby move on the screen and I also felt it at the same time. In either case, give it some time before you know it, your precious buddle of joy will be kicking all the time!

mrslychee Due March 27 (girl); 1 child; New York, New York 202 posts
20th Nov '08

I saw the baby moving around like crazy during an ultrasound on Monday, but for about the past week at least I've been sporadically feeling the little kind of bubbling or popping inside. Don't have history of twins ... would be cool though! I know the common explanation is gas, but it just doesn't feel the same to me, but it does seem so very early!

Mommy2Meagan&Anna 2 kids; Ohio 1802 posts
20th Nov '08

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I am almost postitive that i have felt our little one move already. Like you said its not all the time and every so often. I found that I often feel mine in the afternoon when I sit down and the kids are naping! Its a totally different feeling than gas, I think anyways. I am not 100% sure that it is the baby moving but its just weird!!!:)

mamaOlson Due April 27; 2 kids; Wisconsin 3 posts
12th Oct '09

I am almost 12 weeks(3rd pregnancy)and I am almost positive our little one is moving. I had been noticing for a day or so this flutter/bubble feeling about an inch below my belly button and it seemingly happened after I ate or was eating. Friday, it was in the same spot and while hubby and I were eating lunch I felt it 3 different times in the exact same spot. And since Friday I have been feeling it throughout the day, more noticeably during/after I eat.

Mrs. Post-tato Head 4 kids; 1 angel baby; 6861 posts
status 12th Oct '09

How come you're asking about 12 weeks, but your ticker says you're 6 weeks and your avi looks like a full term baby ?? I'm confused... :?

Mrs. Post-tato Head 4 kids; 1 angel baby; 6861 posts
status 12th Oct '09
Quoting ..chris.. {knocked up}:
Elizabeth K Newman Due November 10; South Carolina 1 posts
7th May '11

Well im 13 weeks along and i totally feel my baby move. Its usually when im relaxing or watching tv right after i eat. we have already felt him in my lower stomache and made him move to my back....hes going to be a fat baby i think!

onehitsgirl Due January 27; 50 kids; 3 angel babies; Springfield, il, United States 5676 posts
status 7th May '11

I"M 13w today and I been feeling baby move for a week already its amazing. I felt kicks and was able to see and feel them from the outside at 15 16 weeks so I'm excited not much long to that comes

Regina Mitchell Due August 24; Jackson, Tennessee 1 posts
22nd Feb '12

I'm about 12 weeks and I definitely feel my baby moving...mostly on the left side but the baby is definitely letting me now..."HEY...I'M IN HERE!!!!":D:D:D:D:D

It's so amazing to oldest is 19 and my youngest is 14...this is gonna be a great experience for me...truly starting over!!!!!:wink::wink::wink: