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Feb 9th '09
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Feb 12th '09

A lovely BG lady made some military siggies>>>> I just thought I would share the link! They are beautiful!!

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Feb 16th '09

my brother in law... we shall call him dumbass

my sister was in the military until she got pregnant and opted out..

Dried up tata's 1 child; Hawaii 12088 posts
Feb 16th '09

Omg at that video!!! They dont even show you if the guy was ok! haha

But did they not get in hella trouble for firing a weapon A) at a fellow soldier B) in a building???

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Feb 16th '09
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Feb 21st '09

Here is a pic of my DH back in the day. He is a Vet and home now.
But I love him and so proud of what he did for us as a country.

I wish I had a scanner I have so many pics of him and friends out in the field.
One day I can take pics of pics lol

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Feb 23rd '09
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Feb 23rd '09

I don't have many pics of DH in uniform, but here's one of my faves:

001-1.jpgHome on his lunch hour

I love my boys so much! They're best friends already. :D

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Feb 23rd '09
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Feb 24th '09

My Baby Brother, Luke.....a 2nd Lt. in the USMC! I'm so proud of him!!!



Me w/ him at his commissioning ceremony

He and I at a concert together.....n81301559_30335132_854.jpg

He's my only sibling so we are really close. He's also my Sydney's God-Father. He's away at flight school right now. We miss him so much!

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Feb 24th '09
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Apr 22nd '09

My Partner and other Mother to our child. Air Force Vet.



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Apr 23rd '09

RIP SPC Brad Davis :(


Thank you for everything. Thank you for defending our freedom and for serving our country. You did us proud. You will be truly missed.

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May 15th '09

%3ca%20href=DSCN0094.jpg" />

My hubby and I both Air Force. A week that he got back from his deployment.

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May 15th '09

this is one of my best friends Senior Airman Bessette :)

^^^ for the ladies


and Cameron and his favorite Airforce Reservesmen