Survey link thread *OU Baby* JM-OBAMF 2 kids; French Lick, Indiana 31767 posts
28th Jan '09

This is the thread linking the surveys for the Photoshop Fun! Chat Thread.

So ladies, post your survey's here!!!

*Survey is in the OP of the chat thread*

You can comment on the work of others in the chat thread! :)

Tara[♥♥] 2 kids; Oklahoma 4681 posts
28th Jan '09

Name: Tara

Age: 24 in May

Program: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

How long have you been into it: Since 2004

Experience: Some college classes, ran my own photography studio at one point till it didn't work out, and just lots and lots of practice!

Weakness: HHmm.. good question. I'd say technical things, like I don't know the correct way to do most things, I use alot of my own short cuts and ways I know works for me.

Strength: Umm if I have to pick just one, I'd say the "black/white photos with the color splash". I've gotten really good at that, plus I know a couple different ways to acheive a different look. I'm also getting pretty decent at digital makeovers.. I'm not the best, but I'm good.

Examples of your work:

*OU Baby* JM-OBAMF 2 kids; French Lick, Indiana 31767 posts
28th Jan '09

Name: Melissa
Age: 27
Program: PS CS3 and PSP X2

How long have you been into it: about a year with the current type of software, especially the last 6 months. But this has always been a passion of mine since it goes along with photography, I just finally have time to devote to this.

Experience: I have made invites, printables and edit pics for my brother's senior pics (I took). And I make Siggy's. I have viewed hundreds of tutorials, lots of dabbling, I have books, and I am planning on taking a class later on.

Weakness: All of PS that I dont know how to use yet

Strength: extracting background, color changes, layers...

Examples of your work: I'll have to get back to this, but by all means you can see a couple things in my profile.

mommybrain~TOG 3 kids; Ohio 9163 posts
28th Jan '09

Name: Heidi



How long have you been into it:
About a year

Other than what I've taught myself in the last year, none prior to that. I do teach high school technology classes, and make my students use Photoshop. I know the basics on it from my own experience with Gimp, but other than that I'm completely clueless!

I want to know how to do everything!

I don't think I could narrow it to one thing. lol I love making custom cards with it, and I also feel I'm pretty good at removing objects from pictures, and doing "fixes."

Examples of your work:

my website:

A couple of my editing threads:

Threads where I've done editing for the OP

Lalalalabye California 30501 posts
28th Jan '09

Name: Melissa aka Mellie


Photoshop CS4

How long have you been into it:
I've been using photoshop for 3 years now.

I used to have a myspace layout site which is where I pretty much started off. I could make layouts and create the CSS to it. Now I'm a designer on a siggy board where I make siggy's for those requesting and other graphics. I've also made baby announcements and invitations for people.

Skin softening without making it look unreal.

making eyes stand out, doing siggy's, cutting pictures out, working with layers... I'll post more if I think of them haha.

Examples of your work:
To see my current work you'll have to sign up here. Sorry it'll take forever to get permission for all of those haha

lilsoph 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Kokomo, Indiana 4173 posts
28th Jan '09

Name: Sophie

Age: 22

Program: photoshop CS3

How long have you been into it: about 6 months

Experience: ive made invites, printables, siggies and edited pics (usually taken by me lol)

Weakness: hmmm the channel mixer LOL i find it so hard to use!!

Strength: oh geez, im not sure! cutouts maybe? hmm idk

Examples of your work:

no name again Cairo, Egypt 9797 posts
29th Jan '09

Name: Cheryle
Photoshop 7
How long have you been into it:
cropping pics for years, starting to realise it can do other stuff and trying to learn it now for about 3 months
I started off making siggies and now I'm concentrating on fantasy pictures
there's so much I don't know yet!!!
being creative and finding out how to do the effect I'm looking for
Examples of your work:
here's a link to my fantasy album online:
if you start the slide show (button on the upper right), it'll show the pictures bigger.

Smilez78 3 kids; Sedalia, Missouri 396 posts
29th Jan '09

Name: Misty

Age: 30

Program: Photoshop CS4. I also have Lightroom 1.2

How long have you been into it: 5 years or so my Dad 1st introduced me to it and taught me a few things and now he is amazed at the things I can do. He says the student has surpassed the teacher and now I teach him things. I'm also getting ready to teach my sister elements then upgrade her to my CS2 after I go to CS3

Experience: I have a photgraphy business, I make cards, invites, & party favors, I do some scrapbooking (digitaly of course). I designed both my myspce profile and my website using photoshop. I just recently began dabbling with siggy's. I've also made t-shirts & business cards and brochures.

Weakness: Forgetting about the save feature. lol. Not real sure. Once I decide I want do something I learn everything I can till I can do it.

Strength: Custom graphics, collages, editing...
Examples of your work:
You can see some of my custom graphic on my profile page here. I made everything except the tickers.

Christmas Card
Kids Candy Bars
My Sister's sonogram keepsake
A t-shirt I made for my daughter's scout troops
My oldest daughter

Proud July 08 mama 1 child; De Land, Florida 3409 posts
29th Jan '09

Name: Nikki

Age: 29

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2

How long have you been into it: Almost 3 months now

Experience: I'm currently a Designer in Training on Sweetly Irresistible and, most recently, Sig City

Weakness: I'm still learning the ins and outs of my program-I just recently started using CS2-and theres tons of stuff to learn! Also, photoediting

Strength: I've been making mainly siggies since I started, and they seem to be getting better and better lol

Examples of your work:


*Single Mommy* New York 985 posts
29th Jan '09

Name: Tiffany
Age: 18
Photoshop CS3
How long have you been into it:
A Couple of Months
I am a designer at sig city. I mostly make siggies but, I have been trying printables.
I can't think of any off hand that really matter. I am not saying I am PERFECT. It is just that there is nothing that I can't learn through tutorials.
I can't think of anything off hand either.
Examples of your work:

MegglezC&K'smomma 2 kids; Astoria, Oregon 8458 posts
30th Jan '09

Name: Megan
Age: 23
Program: psp 9 and am learning pscs 2
How long have you been into it: since about 2006
Experience: I am a dit over at sig city and I used to belong to TONS of myspace groups, but I did not make picture siggies, I made graphics, just recently got into picture siggies
Weakness: My weakness is figuring out how to piece my graphics together
Strength: Plusgins haha
Examples of your work:

sknymnie Stafford, VA, United States 15150 posts
30th Jan '09

Name: Jen
Age: 24
Program: Gimp &
How long have you been into it: a few months
Experience: I self taught myself, still learning, found some online tutorials
Weakness: I use an online program to put most of my stuff (siggies) togehter
Strength: I have asteady hand for erasing backgrounds, etc
Examples of your work:
(fantasy type photos) ultasound in belly siggies & all over BG where peole request siggys I try to make them, too many places to link, lol

The Santa Stalker 16 kids; 1 angel baby; Louisiana 11733 posts
17th Feb '09

Name: Kirsten

Age: 18

Program: Photoshop CS4

How long have you been into it: about a year

Experience:i've been experimenting for about a year with decorating pictures

Weakness: actions

Strength: making it look like i know what i'm doing. i usually just experiment with things.

Examples of your work:

These are from following the posts & the coffeeshop actions


Coffeeshop Actions

NikonGirl_TOG 20 kids; California 10022 posts
17th Feb '09

Name: Amy

Age: 30

Program: PaintShopPro X2 and PS Elements 7 (prefer PSP over Elements)

How long have you been into it: 1 year but just started really learning my way around about 2 months ago. I really only enjoy making pictures look right or adding a little something but not really into anything that looks obvious or fake. Just preference since my love is photography and prefer to showcase it. If I ever get my own business up and running I will find a partner to do the fun PS projects at special requests.

Experience: None- just tinker with photos. My true love is photography.

Weakness: Probably everything. I am not very clever or imaginative for the real art of photo shopping.

Strength: I have no idea. Maybe fixing bad lighting in photos, I enjoy accenting eyes (not so they look fake- just...sharper), gently changing eye color...but since I am still really new to this- I could totally suck at not know

Examples of your work:

Those are just some of my faves. Nothing fancy. As I said- I am more into accentuating the shot I took over fussing over it. I just don't have the eye or imagination for it. Hats of to those who do though! I loooove looking at others PS works of arts!

Laken.Nichol 3 kids; Richland, Washington 5866 posts
18th Feb '09