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Taking a bath with your child.... Red-Headed Stepchild Due April 10; 1 child; 4 angel babies; Virginia 18163 posts
9th Feb '09

Last weekend I took my 1st bath w/ Sydney. It got me talking to my hubby and he says he'd never take a bath w/ her cause it just wouldn't be right. Maybe times were different back when I was little but I remember taking a bath/shower w/ both of my parents when i was very small.

Do/Will you bathe w/ your kids ever? Would you be opposed to your SO bathing w/ his children? At what age is it NOT appropriate to bathe w/ your kids?

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
9th Feb '09

me and my husband have bathed with the kids.

Rylans' Mommy♥ Pennsylvania 895 posts
9th Feb '09

Up to a certain age I think it's ok.

I love Cake 1 child; Mission Viejo, California 17139 posts
9th Feb '09

All 3 of us (me, my husband, and my daughter) take showers together on a regular basis.
When she starts to learn the differences in boys and girls is when we stop showering together.

......................... 1 child; 22542 posts
9th Feb '09
Quoting Syd's Mommy:
user banned Virginia 25418 posts
9th Feb '09

Hubby and i were just talking about that the other day. I told him "why don't you take a bath with her" and he told me that he couldn't ever do that. That he would feel like a pervert. *shrugs* i thought it was weird, but i get his point. He said moms can do it with their sons or daughters....and MAYBE a dad could shower with his son....but he thinks it would be weird for him to take a shower with his daughter.

Carolann 1 child; St Petersburg, Florida 7645 posts
9th Feb '09

i dnt see a problem with it until about 10 months...
but when the child starts to notice something is there then i think its time to stop
eta: then i think its ok for girls and moms or dads and sons to bathe together.

♥~Xan~♥ 2 kids; Durant, Oklahoma 4786 posts
9th Feb '09

Id say up to 3 years old is fine..because they start asking questions around then.

You could always wear a bathing suit at that point though, if you really wanted to take a bath with them.

Team Edward 3 kids; California 7204 posts
9th Feb '09

when there small its ok !

Mama [kdv] 1 child; Arizona 32176 posts
9th Feb '09

I've never bathed with my son, but I don't think anything is wrong with bathing with your children up to a certain age.

Momma of 2.5 Due September 30; 2 kids; Austin, Texas 2512 posts
9th Feb '09

I think it is fine until they are about 18 months. They don't remember anything and it is so much easier to give them a bath with you.

☼ Jess ☼ 2 kids; Dallas, Georgia 5806 posts
9th Feb '09

My hubby and I have bathed with our son. Not at the same time, lol cause our tub is tiny but we have before.

ETA- And now that our son walks and can stand in the shower, he just showers with daddy. He will be a year old on the 20th.

MamaDSx2&SDD Due July 8; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Monroe, Michigan 10013 posts
9th Feb '09

I remember taking baths with my mom...
I have taken a bath with my son before. when he first was put in our tub.
I did it 2 or 3 times. When he can stand on his own (more then a few mins.) I'm sure I'll let him jump in the shower with me..
My SO said when our son can stand he'll let him in with him as well.
I think it's ok until about 3.

BrysonsMomma 1 child; North Carolina 570 posts
9th Feb '09

thats a thin line I think. I wouldn't mind bathing with my son now, he is 8 months old, but I like hot baths and he has to be in luke warm water. But I think once they start noticing your private parts you should let them bath by themselves.

~Proud Mommy to 2 boys~ TTC since Jun 2011; 66 kids; Palm Coast, Florida 5861 posts
9th Feb '09

I think its ok.. I bathed with my mom when I was younger!! I think about the age of three is a no-no... I mean I take Bailey (my neice) to the bathroom with me.. or I go to the bathroom while she is in the tub.. She just turned three and I dont see anything wrong with it. Of course we are both girls, but I will probably bath with my son until about 2 years old..