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Target brand tampons SaraLiz Due February 27 (girl); 3 kids; Michigan 5995 posts
11th Feb '09

This may be TMI for some, so don't read if you don't like talking about your period.
So I bought a box of the Target brand tampons, and they say on there "compare to Tampax" so I figured they would do the job since that's what I usually use.
Well, either my flow is super heavy, or these just suck, because I can't go more than 2 hours without changing the regular ones.
I should add that this is my first PP period, so I know it's going to be worse than usual.
Anyone else use this brand before?

Holly ♥ Scentsy 2 kids; West Bloomfield Township, Michigan 7991 posts
11th Feb '09

some first PP periods are wayyy worse than they were before!! My friend said her periods since having her daughter are worse than they ever were! She only had a tampax in for 2 hours and it was already leaking on the pad!

It is probably just your period! :D

i bought the target pads... but haven't gotten a chance to use them! I love birth control that keeps my period away!! :D lol

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
11th Feb '09

I only use store brand tampons. Never really thought they were better or worse than the more expensive brand. They work just the same for me.

SaraLiz Due February 27 (girl); 3 kids; Michigan 5995 posts
11th Feb '09

Thanks for the comments. Maybe I just need a super instead of a regular.

Jenni_Denny Due September 25; 2 kids; Webb City, Missouri 3128 posts
11th Feb '09

ive always used tampax...mostly the compax ones. i like them i can hide them in the little zipper pocket in my purse. i cant use pads...i have a bad reaction to the only pads i was ever able to use is the hospital ones they make you wear after doctor told me not to use tampons after i had my son...anyone else heard that?

SaraLiz Due February 27 (girl); 3 kids; Michigan 5995 posts
11th Feb '09
Quoting Jenni_Denny: