GrumpyMa Beverly Hills, California 11690 posts
23rd Sep '09

weve been using withdraw ;o) i wouldnt mind getting pregnant again and i have severe side effects from the pill.

BabyButt6 *LVM**SBL* 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 568 posts
24th Sep '09

I saw this commercial for this pill called PLAN B. You're supposed to take it the morning after or asap after sex to prevent becomming pregnant. It says it's for when you think your BC didn't work or something like that. I don't really get it; it sounds pretty much like the regular BC.

Anyone ever tried/heard of it?

00000 California 2961 posts
26th Sep '09

Who is on the Depo shot? I'm starting to think it was a bad bad idea for me.

~*RaeRenee*~ 16 kids; Pleasanton, California 1694 posts
29th Sep '09
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nicole [mama to one] 1 child; Orange Beach, Alabama 36 posts
5th Oct '09
user banned California 2 posts
22nd Oct '09

Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

You b***hes really do need to be carefull though. Some people should not be allowed to breed. You, You , you, And........Oh f**k Nicole seriously, stop making babies. Yo shit ugly.

mama & chaz :) 1 child; Weaverville, North Carolina 275 posts
7th Dec '09

you didn't talk about the implanon implant- it is suppose to last 3 yrs before needing to be removed. removal isn't exactly "simple & easy" & it can cause a really messed up period as well.but i am not sure of the side affects & the statistic rate on gettin pregnant. i know they told me it was slim to none. & the only side affect i knew of and noticed in myself was acne more often. it messed my prd all up. for 9 months i dealt with a period that about 3 weeks outta the months. it was like 5-6 days then off a couple or 3 then back on 5-6 etc. they told me to wait it out till at least six months. i did. i waited 3 months longer and still it never worked itself out (so i had it removed). i have a friend who also had it and she said it did the same to her.

MaryBeth P 1 child; Missouri 195 posts
8th Dec '09

I just got Implanon put in a few weeks ago.

mama & chaz :) 1 child; Weaverville, North Carolina 275 posts
10th Dec '09
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MaryBeth P 1 child; Missouri 195 posts
10th Dec '09

Implanon hasnt coused any problems for me yet. my sex drive is still the same.
It didnt hurt for me to get it put in and I didt even bleed or bruise.

The Goblin King Due July 2; 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Ocala, FL, United States 14966 posts
26th Dec '09

i smoke and am on the pill doesthe make it not as effetive?

♥Amanda♥ 17 kids; Toronto, Ontario 18467 posts
28th Dec '09
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7th Jan '10
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7th Jan '10
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9th Jan '10
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