Chelle79 17 kids; Cleveland, Ohio 5819 posts
15th Jul '09

I get mad when it goes to voting and they don't post the link on the original thread.

Loving Mami Due October 1; 1 child; Dalton, Georgia 1263 posts
17th Jul '09

What are PM votes?

user banned 2 kids; Saint Catharines, Ontario 151075 posts
17th Jul '09

I believe that means you send your vote via pm to the person running the contest.


DnA EXPECTING #4 Due October 20; 3 kids; Las Vegas, New Mexico 38272 posts
20th Jul '09
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Loving Mami Due October 1; 1 child; Dalton, Georgia 1263 posts
20th Jul '09
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Chelle79 17 kids; Cleveland, Ohio 5819 posts
23rd Jul '09

I'm so tired of entering contests that never end!

Signing Off........ Pennsylvania 21507 posts
24th Jul '09
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Sergie & Gabriel's Mom+1 Due October 20; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New Jersey 10209 posts
4th Dec '09
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19th Jan '10
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1st name mommy 2nd name B 2 kids; Long Beach, California 6496 posts
27th Feb '10

soliciting votes is a popularity contest and it defeats the purpose...NO SOLICITNG VOTES

Natasha. 2 kids; Tennessee 2212 posts
29th Apr '10

I have a questions about doing a give away contest, I own an jewelry/accessory shop on Etsy, but I want to promote it more and do a give away a 'sample' my work.

Any way what are the guide lines on starting one and etc. ?

I could always go in with a momma if any of you want to do a give away and I can supply the prize.

MamaOf2BlueEyedCuties 2 kids; Lebo, Kansas 2516 posts
8th May '10

how do you submit the pics? i cant figure out how to get the pic up

P@m3L@!! 20 kids; De Land, Florida 3716 posts
18th May '10
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Courtney&Kasen[♥] 1 child; Lewiston, Maine 4046 posts
20th May '10

I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this but I can't find it anywhere else.
How do you use the new contest entry when making a new contest. Both my sister and I can't figure it out on either accounts.

Thanks in advance!

*Bradley&NataliesMommy* 18 kids; Odessa, Texas 2555 posts
21st May '10
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