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19th Mar '09
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Mer is a Douchebag TTC since Dec 1999; 1 child; Bald Knob, Arkansas 72472 posts
19th Mar '09

This is wonderful.

{Noah & Lucas' Mommy} TTC since Feb 2015; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Nebraska 46991 posts
20th Mar '09

Great idea!

Elizabeth (mountainbaby) 1 child; McLean, Virginia 18837 posts
20th Mar '09

I am so beyond impressed. Thank you Mara.

That Elise Girl Due September 7; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Orange County, CA, United States 3005 posts
21st Mar '09

Thank You Mara!!!! This is what we needed:)

*Arrogant Cocksucker!* El Paso, Texas 44960 posts
24th Mar '09


Aido'sMama Florida 9765 posts
24th Mar '09

I've never had an abortion so I'm not really sure if I'm even allowed in here. But I'm 100% pro-choice. I'm so happy to see this finally made! I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through something like that and to all the women who have - you are very strong!

KJ's Ma!! 1 child; Montgomery, Alabama 325 posts
26th Mar '09

i really love the fact that you made this forum!!! really helps a lot of girls/ women including myself!!!

Wyatt & Haylee 2 kids; Oregon 262 posts
26th Mar '09
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30th Mar '09

So glad to see this forum went through BG could always use a little acceptance! :)

Nae-Nae's Momma 1 child; Massachusetts 78 posts
18th Apr '09

thanx, Mara I thought they wouldn't have these forums for people like us!!

Kate Darling Due January 3; Georgia 2 posts
19th May '09

I am an abortion survivor...I made the absolutely horrible mistake when I was 24 years old! Istill kick myself in the butt everyday and apoplogize to God alot. I still get sad when I think about it. I won't go into the details of why I did it. Trust me it was very selfish and to that baby or at the time mass of cells I am sorry! To those out there who are thinking of abortion please think it through. The decision will change your life and make you wonder what could have been. There are many women out there who can't get pregnant who want to adopt and God may have sent your little miracle for them. Just think of all the options before you make your decision. I really wish I did.

Adrians_mommy614 1 child; New York, New York 64 posts
5th Jun '09

this is great!!:D

Booperelli 2 kids; Eaton Rapids, Michigan 8 posts
5th Jun '09
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9th Jun '09

Some women need advice...i think its in their own favor to get the advice they ask for. If you would not like to get critsized (which is always going to happen) than do not post. Simple as that, expect critisizm.