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11th Feb '11

im 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins one boy one girl
got told my daughter has downsyndrom very exited to see them both

S U Z I E 3 kids; Venezuela 18554 posts
16th Feb '11
Shannymommy Due September 25; 2 kids; California 18 posts
24th Feb '11

Hi everyone. This is like my second post on baby gaga. I am a mother to a 5 year old girl that suffered perinatal strokes. She currently suffers from mild cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy because of it. We also have a 3 year old little girl who is very healthy and I'm pregnant with our 3rd(!) by a little over 9 weeks. I'd love to make friends with any other mom's out their with similar stories (or anyone else really). This pregnancy has started out with quite a scare (subchorionic hematoma) I had no idea what that even was until a few weeks ago. Would love to chat with mom's who've had babies that have been through that as well!
If you want to hear more about my daughter's story I will link to an old blog post (I don't write anymore though).

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10th Mar '11

Hey Ladies, My name is Rachael. I have 2 children and I am currently pregnant with our 3rd. My 2 year old has an undiagnosed problem, that is causing him to be failure to thrive. He was born at 33 weeks and has never gained a lot of weight. My husband is in the Army and just returned from his 2nd year long deployment. During this deployment, our son became VERY ill and they finally placed a G tube. He was G tube dependent until we began intense feeding therapy about 3 months ago. He has made some great progress. We still don't know what the problem is, so we don't know how to treat it. But he is slowly gaining weight :) My husband will be leaving for another year the end of this year, so hopefully we can get him strait and treated before the new baby comes and my husband leaves.

Kathleen Evans Taylor 1 child; Maine 3 posts
21st Mar '11

My son Noah was born 11 wks early, he spent over 3 months of his life in the nicu. Noah is such a joy he was born with ABS (amniotic band syndrome) this is when bands wrap around limbs in utero. He is missing a couple of fingers on his right hand on his left hand he has a thumb but the rest of the fingers are band together. He had club foot on his right leg and a band wrapped around his left leg. he has both feet and ten toes. My baby boy was also born with a narrowing of his airway, plus pulmonary hyperplazia ( I think I spelled that right) his lungs where very underdeveloped. My miracle baby is now 19 months old and has gone through 4 surgerys, but he still has an amazing smile on his face. Noah is a joy, he is a miracle and by God's good graces has beat all the odds that where against him. I was 35 when Noah was born, he is my only child..By the way mommy's name is Kat

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25th Mar '11

my 4year old daughter has epilepsy she suffers with tonic clonic
seizures she started having seizures at 1 week old we recently found out she has autism

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26th Mar '11

Hi!! My name is Ashlee. I'm 24 years old. A mommy to one & his name is Nathaniel he is 2/5 year old with Achondroplaisa (a certain Dwarfism). He is a joy & I wouldn't have him any other way. He plays, talks and does everything eles a average 2.5 year old would do. He is just going to be a little shorter. I just thought I would share & see if anyone eles has children with Achondroplaisa. And to spread the awarness!! :) Thanks ladies for reading!! <3

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8th Apr '11

Hi my name is Amber. I have a three year old named Gavin who has Cerebral Palsy he has always been behind physically but his pediatrician kept telling me they do things on their own time. After he turned two, I started to worry he wasn't even crawling or sitting up yet, so I started looking for answers without his doctors help. I got him in physical therapy and with both of his therapists help, they told me where to go and what all needed to be done. After six months and tons of different tests he was finally diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He started botox treatments to help with his spasticity of his legs. He is now crawling and trying to stand on his own. I am pregnant with my second child and I worry if he is going to come out the same way. I keep being told that is really rare. But it is something I worry about each night. Having Gavin going through this hurts me so much to hear him cry with each of his treatments. IDK if I can go through it with both of them. Any advice on this? They are both my babies and I love them no matter what. Just a fear i guess...

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9th Apr '11
Quoting Amber Boutelle:" Hi my name is Amber. I have a three year old named Gavin who has Cerebral Palsy he has always been behind ... [snip!] ... it with both of them. Any advice on this? They are both my babies and I love them no matter what. Just a fear i guess... "

see if they can do nnumbing cream on the injection site beforehand?

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14th May '11

Hello, My name is Michelle - I am an adult with ADHD. I wasn't diagnosed till I was an adult. My son has ADD - I wish I knew how to loan him some of my "H" - lol. I'm active with Special Olympics, Cerebral Palsy foundation and special needs children and adults.
My ADHD was a total pain as a child, but I've learned how to manage it as an adult. I love to talk to parents with ADHD kids to give them an insight to things their children may not be able to articulate.

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8th Jun '11

Hi, my name is Kristina. I've got adult add & asthma. My son, RJ, is 11 months old and has torticollis & plagiocephaly. He might also have Charcot Marie Tooth, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. My husband has it and the symptoms don't manifest till later. We are waiting on the results of my husbands blood test to determine the inheritance pattern.

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26th Jul '11
Quoting LalaListerfiend:" Parent's with Special Needs Children or Special needs themselves! My name is Aly, and I have a toddler ... [snip!] ... to parents who might be dealing with the same issues! Check it out for support!"

my names annie i am pregnant and the doctors think she may have a disibility im scared what it is i cant loose her <3

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2nd Aug '11

Goes to figure I'd see this after doing an intro in the autism thread.

:? Go me? I'm dumb.

Well a little more about me. I'm in my late twenties and feeling a little more insecure about blurting out the number these days.

I had my son James two years ago and he has been perfectly perfect right up until the not talking thing. He was diagnosed with autism on May 22nd of this year, which is its own long sordid story of my desire to smack a pediatrician upside the head and a lot of shock. I am currently diagnosed with ADD and mild OCD but there's some talk that the ADD may not be accurate so we'll see.

I graduated from a paralegal diploma program in June and I'll be taking the Law Society of Upper Canada paralegal exam on the 6th which is currently eating up most of my time when I'm not doing mom stuff or procrastinating on here.

I'm married to a geek who also suffers (he doesn't, I do) from being an incurable smart-....alec.

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7th Aug '11

Hi! I'm Kari. My DD Holly is 5 years old and was just diagnosed with ADHD. For the last few years we've been told by church workers and pre-school teachers that Holly has behavioral problems. It took us over a year to even find the first therapist who would see us ("Sorry we don't see children til age 6" echo, echo). She said that we had trained our child to behave this way and that if we didn't give into tantrums they would go away :roll:. We saw her for a few weeks until we moved for DH's job. We've lived here for a year and finally found a center that actually observes the child and has a rigorous evaluation before diagnosing. Over this summer DD's behaviors have dramatically decreased and I've been hoping for an easy transition to Kindergarten. However, I'm nervously treading on new waters because her psychiatrist that works with our therapist prescribed Ritalin at our last visit. I eagerly welcome any advise from other mothers with ADHD children.

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14th Aug '11

Im Brigette, 23 years old and my daughter is Madelin.
At an early age I knew something was 'different' about my daughter but it really sparked up at about 2.5. We began exploring options and everything led us to aspbergers syndrome, when the time came for her to see a developmental pediatrician we got completely different news. I discovered I was pregnant at about 9 weeks , in which time I had drank on 3 different occasions. My daughter was diagnosed with FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) with underlying ODD tendencies(oppositional defiancy disorder) I was devestated, I was the reason my daughter would never be 'normal'. I often still blame myself even though I have been reassured that since I did not know I was pregnant I should not feel guitly. It is a sensitive subject to discuss and even though we have a great team of professionals in our life whenever someone new enters who needs to be told of my daughters diagnosis I can see the judgement in their eyes. Im hoping to connect with others in similar situations to ours.