contractions in leg? Brianna's Momma 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 3059 posts
6th Apr '09

Is that possible?
All of a sudden my upper leg & inner thigh just really started to hurt.

It feels really tight and very painful!
when I used to get my period thats where my cramps would be and in my pelvic area.

sorry if this is a stupid question

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20265 posts
status 6th Apr '09

I get leg pain with my periods too, I thought I was the only one! haha.

But when I was in labor, the contractions were no where near my legs.

Jtina 33 kids; Copperas Cove, Texas 12753 posts
6th Apr '09
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Brianna's Momma 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 3059 posts
6th Apr '09
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Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
6th Apr '09

I had labor in my back tummy and legs. I also get all that in cramps on my period.

Mommy of a giggler! 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 9017 posts
6th Apr '09

Cramping in your upper leg and inner thigh can be caused by tightness in your Iliopsoas muscle. It goes from your inner/upper thigh in the groin area and comes up into your lower gut. When you bloat, it can cause it to spasm and tighten. Try putting your feet together and forming a diamond with your legs and pushing your knees down towards the floor. It will help to stretch out the muscle and can provided some relief.

Liy 1 child; Wisconsin 160 posts
6th Apr '09

I was having this problem the other day but I just thought I was imagining it hahaha.

Brianna's Momma 1 child; Toronto, Ontario 3059 posts
7th Apr '09
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