Bottle HOlding ~NOELANI~ 1 child; Boston, Massachusetts 941 posts
16th Apr '09

Morning mamas! At what age did your infants start holding their own bottle by themselves?

~Jekka~ Due April 24; TTC since Oct 2012; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Australia 9462 posts
16th Apr '09

Mine was lazy, she wouldnt hold hers untill about 9 months. but my nephew was holding his own from about 3 months onwards.

Uncle Sam Hates You 2 kids; Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands 17332 posts
16th Apr '09
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Hit Girl 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17799 posts
16th Apr '09

around 4 months

iMAMA 1 child; Indiana 2639 posts
16th Apr '09

Kotas starting to and hes almost 6 months. Hes been trying for like 2 weeks now.

Florida Mommy Due August 21 (girl); 1 child; Florida 1105 posts
16th Apr '09

My son did sometime between 6-7 months

Lindsey. 2 kids; Bundaberg, Australia 19440 posts
16th Apr '09

About 2 1/5-3 months. I kinda wish he wouldn't though, because now my SO just hands him the bottle and lets him feed himself. He doesn't stop drinking when he's coughing so he always starts choking :x

cuteexplodenkitties 3 kids; Somewhere, CA, United States 1294 posts
16th Apr '09

My oldest didn't hold his till around 9 months but my daughter started at 6 months.

......................... 1 child; North Carolina 7411 posts
16th Apr '09
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Danielle.*Koen'sMama 2 kids; Michigan 28906 posts
status 16th Apr '09

my son is going on 11 months and still won't do it.
but he was breastfed for the fist 8 months, so I think he's just being lazy LOL
he'll do it sometimes, but not usually.

it seems like most kids do it between 6-8 months.

~NOELANI~ 1 child; Boston, Massachusetts 941 posts
16th Apr '09

Jayda can officially hold the 4 oz plastic bottle on her own. She is 3 months 3 weeks. I think the first time I captured her on camera holding it(but it was propped) she was around 2 months.

Candace Mezo 1 child; St. Anne, Illinois 7 posts
4th Aug '13

My 9month old daughter wont hold her own bottle i tried puttin her hands on it so she can but she snatches them away or just plays with the n****e lol any tips on how to get her to do it?

Eli&Elliot's Mommy! 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 2109 posts
4th Aug '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting .........................:</b>" 5 1/2 months"</blockquote>


Butterfly_princess 1 child; Kentucky 80 posts
4th Aug '13

My son is 8 months and still not holding it unless he is laying flat and I won't let him drink from it that way. He'd rather use it as a toy or he will bend forward and stick his mouth on the bottle n****e's really funny when he does that!

~ Island ~ Phoenix ~ 2 kids; Brisbane, Australia 192 posts
5th Aug '13

Melody looks like she tried to even though she's too young to actually do it. It's so cute when she puts her hands up on either side of the bottle. She does however know how to send the bottle flying when she no longer wants it lol.