Naturally Natalie 1 child; Oceanside, California 2129 posts
30th Jun '09

Im so sorry you had to go through that. Sorry for the what if's but do you think if you were older and could care for the baby would you have kept her?

Kittie *mew* 4 angel babies; West Salem, IL, United States 8151 posts
30th Jun '09
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itsMICAHbitch 33 kids; California 12833 posts
30th Jun '09

All of the ladies that have posted your stories in this topic, thank you. You guys are so string, especially to be able to talk about that kind of stuff. I wish I had your strength, but sadly I don't. I have so much respect for you guys.

Naturally Natalie 1 child; Oceanside, California 2129 posts
30th Jun '09
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~*~ Conner's Mamma ~*~ 1 child; Butner, North Carolina 1343 posts
30th Jul '09
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Life is a Highway ♫ 18 kids; Australia 9381 posts
27th Sep '09

Your a strong lady.. :( I'm sorry that happened to you and I wish you all the best for the future!

Deleted. . . . . . California 49 posts
25th Feb '10
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user banned 1 child; Nevada 376 posts
3rd Aug '10

wow that sounds sad.

AlyssaJane+4 Due December 11 (girl); TTC since Jan 2015; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Grand Rapids, MI, United States 2504 posts
9th May '11

wow... I just cried... you are a very strong woman to go through all that...

VALERIES MOMMY:) 18 kids; Rockwall, Texas 88 posts
11th May '11

girl thanks for sharing your story it made me come into reality i cant believe it went thru my mind to have an abortion. Wow it made me cried it made me think alot about my choices i have a 6 month old baby its going to be hard but not impossible to raise both of them once again i thank you for this post, and im sorry you had to go thru that i hope you are doing goo and God bless you.

Love my Babies xThree Due April 24 (girl); 2 kids; Alberta 143 posts
16th May '11
Quoting M e l i s s a:" I had my abortion when I was 15 years old. I was 19w1d along according to my due date. The abortion ... [snip!] ... After 13 years he will have serviced 85% of his sentencing and could be released. please do not copy & paste this."

Wow you are one strong person. while i was reading your story i was wondering the whole time why did you have to go through something like that than i read the last part and omg you are really amazing. I just hope you can heal and one day be at peace.

Lizz&TheGuys 18 kids; Texas 4438 posts
17th May '11
Quoting M e l i s s a:" I'm sitting here crying my eyes out..I never thought I would get this much support from strangers. it's ... [snip!] ... to say but you can't do that when you were the victium.I really appriciate the kind words you ladies are saying. thank you."

I don't know how anyone could ask you to just forget about it. If your parents were the ones that pushed you into abortion, they should have been prepared to support you through it. I'm so so sorry you had to go through this and I hope that some day you can find peace with it. Your baby forgives you and you need to forgive yourself.

WONSI Due December 27; Massachusetts 2 posts
20th May '11

You're very Strong!!!! I am sorry for your pain but what don't kill you can only make you stronger!! That's horrible what your cousin did to you but I commend you for speaking up about it and he is in jail!! Unjust don't prosper!!! Be Blessed hun!!

Still The Baddest 1 child; Arizona 127 posts
24th May '11

Thhis is so sad, im sorry. I cryed when i read it.

Fluttershy~ 1 child; Hilliard, Ohio 1168 posts
30th Jun '11

well i started crying..:(