DDs McGee 1 child; Maldives 2751 posts
30th Jun '11

Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry you had to go through all that.

You're brave for sharing that, and I wish you the best in continuing to heal.

Caitlyn Michelle Lapointe 2 kids; New Brunswick 44 posts
3rd Jul '11 should of been your choice not theres!...omg -.-

applelove 1 child; auburn, CA, United States 6529 posts
16th Jul '11

No one should judge you but no one should judge any woman for her decision unless you know the whole story. People are quick to think the worst. I just don't know why people have to judge other women who terminate for what ever reason.

I am glad you finished your story and posted it. It is an eye opener

Saaaigeee+1 1 child; Ohio 1807 posts
10th Aug '11
Quoting Rainn:" I had an abortion when I was 15 years old. I was 19w1d along according to my due date. The abortion ... [snip!] ... After 13 years he will have serviced 85% of his sentencing and could be released. please do not copy & paste this."

Your story made me cry.

I'm really sorry you had to go through with that.
You'll see your little angel before you know it...

Mommy of 2 + 1 angel 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Pearl, Mississippi 19327 posts
13th Jul '12

Melissa this made me cry...I know who you are now. :(