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Dec 22nd '14

Quoting baby nuilona:
My husband is in the army and he just got duty to go to japan and ill 37 weeks pregnate i could go anyday

Is he unaccompanied? If not, you'll just have the child and then move to Japan with him.

devendra Satellite Provider 1 posts
Dec 29th '14

Quoting ❀Sarah❀:
I cant believe we filled up Military Families haha, we talk too much

Weinus Badger TTC since Nov 2015; 1 child; Whidbey, WA, United States 151 posts
May 9th '15

I'm back :) it's been a few years! I don't have the swinging badger avatar anymore though. BAH!

We're in FL now and my son is now 6 1/2!! I can't believe it's been so long!

I'm getting a PAP this week and having my paragard removed. We aren't TTC per-se but we figured we won't be preventing it either. I'm shore duty the next three years so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It would be pretty cool to have a LO around my birthday, which if I do my calendar right it'll be right around that time.

I hope I'll be able to do a VBAC :)

expectinglittleW Due January 10 (boy); N/A, KS, United States 89 posts
Aug 6th

Hi I'm an army wife, my husband is deployed right now. He'll take leave right around when our son is born, and it'll be a little before half way into it.   I'm currently living with his parents since he was deployed right out of AIT.