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23rd Aug '10
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23rd Aug '10
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24th Aug '10

im a vbac mommy well im trying im due sept 8th

jaiden & kalia's momma 2 kids; West Virginia 22 posts
15th Sep '10

I had my first born via c-section due to the baby's weight and pre-eclampsia. He was born 2 weeks early. As of today he's perfectly healthy. : ) I'm pregnant with our second child, A little girl who is due on October 11th, 2010. This pregnancy has gone off without a hitch, both baby & me are healthy this time around. I've been back and forth over the whole c-section versus vaginal birth situation. As of right now I do have a c-section scheduled, however I have FULLY changed my mind and wish to have a vaginal birth. I'll definitely be discussing this with my doctor on my next visit, thankfully my hospital supports VBAC. I never realized how hard of a decision it actually is to make. I wanted a vaginal birth with my son but it never happened. I'm truly hoping that I'm strong enough to do this VBAC with our little girl, I just desperately want that special experience this time around. Also I believe bonding will be easier if I'm successful in this VBAC, as well as breastfeeding. I've never been more terrified and completely sure about something in my entire life. : D

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16th Sep '10
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17th Sep '10

successful vbac sept 7th 2010 to a 9lbs 1oz bbygirl

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17th Sep '10
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18th Sep '10
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23rd Mar '11

I was just told today that my hospital "bans" VBACs, Im starting to read the information to begin fighting this because I want a VBAC and don't feel like traveling far from home just to have what I feel is my right. I had a successful vaginal delivery with my first but had to have a C section with my second because she flipped transverse literally during labor.
I am hoping to get the hospital to allow me a VBAC

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12th Apr '11

I was never informed by my OB of vbac and never given the option, which is really starting to irritate every last nerve in me. I trusted him he delivered all my kids, especially with him having the knowledge that my 1st 2 were vaginal w/o a problem. My third was an emergency not scheduled section over 2 yrs ago.

I just recently about 2 months ago found out what vbac was. I had no idea it was even possible. I did some serious research and am now convinced more than ever I want a vbac. My section was the most horrifying experience ever. I do not want to go through that again. My next appointment is this Thursday and I will discuss my feelings. I want to know why I was never offered any options besides a scheduled section. I will have to find out if maybe the hospital bans vbac's IDK. Just sounds so crazy.

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21st May '12

i hope this forum is still pretty active? i had a c-sec 3 1/3 years ago and am newly pregnant i really want to have a vbac. ill be having my baby at anaval hospital and need more info and links to if it can be down =)


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29th Jul

Hi everyone! Haven't been on BG for about 4 years but we decided to TTC again and I'm due Feb 1st with our 2nd blessing! I am excited to discover a hospital and OB practice that SUPPORTS VBAC!! I have my 1st consult this wed the 31st and I'm so excited to find out if I'm a good candidate for a VBAC!

Can anyone let me know if they think I'll NOT be a good candidate? Just let me know what info you'd need from my end. TIA!! I'm a member on babycenter's forum for VBAC support but they kind of suck at support. haha. Congrats to all the pregnant Mamas and successful VBACer's :)

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25th Jan

Hey everyone.
My first was vaginal
second was c-section
third, I am hoping a vbac.