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Do food stamps cover baby food jars & formula? Twin momma(2 boys) 18 kids; Humble, Texas 991 posts
24th Jul '09

i asked this the other day but some people didn't know i was just wondering because wic told me that they dont cover baby food jars that are meat anymore and that we would have to buy 2-3 cans of formula a month after what they give us.

GONE..................... Georgia 17421 posts
24th Jul '09

yes it covers it

MeaganAnn 2 kids; South Roxana, Illinois 5181 posts
24th Jul '09

my friend buys her childs baby food and extra formula with them

DJ, Nick & Emma's mommy 4 kids; Toledo, Ohio 2173 posts
24th Jul '09

yup....foodstamps covers anything edible for the babies

Peachy{+3♥} 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Utah 3383 posts
24th Jul '09

Sure does:)

1 Angel & a baby girl 17 kids; Carrboro, 1233 posts
24th Jul '09

yes it does i was wondering the same thing so i went and tried it i know for a fact it does cover baby food and the ones i got where meat not to sure about formula though

Nancita 50 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 52 posts
24th Jul '09

Yes trust us it do

Miss Electronica 49 kids; Belleair, Florida 13371 posts
24th Jul '09

Foodstamps covers everything, there are no restrictions on food. WIC, however, only covers specific items decided by them.