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Upper lip frenulum attatched to gums? Mrs. Buratti 2 kids; Florida 1096 posts
10th Aug '09

Alright, my daughter is 2 1/2. I've always noticed her upper lip is attatched all the way down between her teeth... Theres no space between her gums and her lip... I was just wondering, what could we do about it? She's already getting speech therapy for a speech delay, but nobody except for me and my mother in law has noticed her upper lip frenulum problem.... I'll post a picture of kinda what I'm talking about.


As you can see in the pictures, the lip is so much attatched, that its bringing the back part of the lip down, in the pictures, you can see that the shiny part that you see where her gums should be, is the back part of her lip... just attatched so far down that it pulls... Has anyone had this with their kids, what did you do? What are some of my options?

Pin.ʞ.y♥Squish 1 child; Rīga, Latvia 64806 posts
10th Aug '09

Can't help you sorry but just wanted to say she's adorable!

mommyme#3 3 kids; Minnesota 710 posts
10th Aug '09

Have you taken her to a dentist? My daughter has that piece of skin between the top two teeth thats connected all the way and the dentist said if it didnt go away on its own they would snip it.

Kimber-lily Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
10th Aug '09

I'd leave it alone. She is perfect. :)

peace 2 kids; crap, oh, Denmark 7185 posts
10th Aug '09

I had this problem and the dentist had to seperate it with a small incision and then a couple of stiches..

Mrs. Buratti 2 kids; Florida 1096 posts
10th Aug '09

Thanks, she is adorable :D. Its just her speech delay that worries me, otherwise I'd not worry about it. But I will make an appointment for the dentist as soon as I can.

Proud to be Mommy of 3! 3 kids; West Virginia 2156 posts
10th Aug '09

she is georgous I must say. Talk to the pedi about it. they might be able to snip it. I would say not to bother w/it, but if it is causing her speech delay, then you might want to talk to pedi.

Mrs. Buratti 2 kids; Florida 1096 posts
10th Aug '09
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10th Mar '10


Ellie Hilgart-Bucciarelli Illinois 1 posts
1st Aug '10

I have a two-year-old who has this same problem. It has just started growing between his teeth. I see that this is an old posting. Any advice from your experience?