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11th Sep '09
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Doug Vincent Japan 1 posts
17th Sep '12

this is just sad to wifes water broke 46 hours ago..........we're having a home birth...........the baby is fine.............birth is not a medical proceedure, nor an emergency. Educate yourselves please......yes there is risk of infection, especially if you go to the hospital and have multiple people putting things in your vagina, otherwise, call your doctor, and talk it through, I know a few women who have go 5+ days after the water breaks.

LadyBlue Due November 14; 3 kids; California 108 posts
17th Sep '12

IT really depends on how long you labor for my water bag broke with my son and i was in labor 16 hours he was my first my second child they broke my water bag i was in labor only 8 hours my third child a piece of my water broke i was in labor 8 hours.

sandradi216 Due June 12; Cherry Hill, 1 posts
12th Mar '13

My water broke at 22 weeks. Was sent to hospital, and given anti-biotics.
I've been monitored for infection, and the baby has been given non-stress tests, a bio-physical profile, a growth scan, an echo-cardio gram and at 24 weeks I was given steriods to help her lungs develop.
I am almost at 27 weeks!
Drs say 50% of women give birth within 48 hours, the others usually within a week. A small percentage last longer than that.
My water didn't break from infection but from inflamation due to a vanishing twin. That is why they think i have not gone into labor.
The baby always makes more amniotic there is some there all the time. In my case not much at all. And I am continuing to leak.
I am basically on bedrest in the hospital until I deliver which will be when the baby or I am in distress or until I go into labor. My due date is June 13.
So for me...almost 5 weeks and counting!