Looky what I made (and a little kai-kai too!) Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
12th Sep '09

I made this kawaii sweets box for Sammie!!! She LOVES it! I think its adorable x's 1000! lol
Had to show it to you ladies! I made her a kawaii lollipop bracelet, and wanted a not so ordinary box to put it in....2a0gqdf.jpg2agm7u1.jpg

the bracelet!!!

and cute Kai!

LMAO! He threw it up...and this is how it landed! Look how shocked he looks! hahahaha!ra6bl1.jpg

lolajessup Due July 25 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44057 posts
12th Sep '09

awwe cute! and kai is getting so freakin big! i cant believe our kdis are almost 2!!!!

Kara Due February 4 (twins); 3 kids; Lakenheath, Na, United Kingdom 31903 posts
12th Sep '09

Cuuuute!! You're so creative :D

*************** 66 kids; Iowa 33630 posts
12th Sep '09

Very cute stuff!!
And lol at kai!!

Rhyan and Dean's Mama 18 kids; Delaware 15073 posts
12th Sep '09

ummmm when did Kai become a big boy?? Was this approved by anyone???? He's still soooooooo cute!!

I love all your creations Mandi! You're so talented!

Brookleigh [♥] 2 kids; Fort Dick, 48957 posts
12th Sep '09

sooo cute, your so creative :)
look how handsome kai is!!!! :D

I added you to the GS thread...i got my swap buddys gift yesterday i luffff it!!! <33 thankies!

MommyFogg 2 kids; Rohnert Park, California 1223 posts
12th Sep '09

Super cute Mandi! You are SO creative!!! And I cant believe how big Kai is now!! So handsome!!!

Strangely Stoic 2 kids; Deerfield Beach, Florida 24847 posts
12th Sep '09


FleurDeLys 3 kids; Groton, Massachusetts 9150 posts
12th Sep '09

Hahaha! I love the look on his face in the last picture! Super cute mama!

♥LittleWahine Due October 14 (girl); 1 child; Valencia, California 43145 posts
12th Sep '09
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Nerea{30+} 2 kids; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain 9224 posts
12th Sep '09


Tabitha+4 (41wks) Due August 8 (boy); 3 kids; Arizona 23108 posts
12th Sep '09

He's already a model! Too cute! :D

MegglezC&K'smomma 2 kids; Astoria, Oregon 8458 posts
12th Sep '09

Miss Mandi, you amaze me with your creativity.. Awesome awesome job :)
and of course Kai is a cutie pie as always, I just adore his smile :)

Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
12th Sep '09

thank you my lovies!!! And Kai says thanks too!

Im about to upload pics off my craftyness today!!! I cant wait to show you guys all ive done today!!!...cuuuuuute!

Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
12th Sep '09
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