pineapple?? ♥ Jakki 1 child; Arizona 575 posts
8th Dec '06
someone told me that you cant eat pineapple while your pregnat.... something about it being to acidic and eating the bag of waters?? this sounds really odd to me especially because there are this so much more acidic anyways anyone know for sure? i love pineapple!!
gulla Due July 14; 1 child; Tennessee 1 posts
30th Nov '09

Everything in moderation* :) I love pineapple, and I think snacking on fruit versus junk food is always better. As far as the castor oil and sex to induce pregnancy- I am one more person nothing worked for. I was over two weeks late when they finally induced me, and I will never wait that long again!

Cutenuniform Due August 23; 2 kids; Baltimore, Maryland 144 posts
30th Nov '09

Mmmmmm i want some pinapples now