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22nd Dec '09
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22nd Dec '09

That was really informative. I'm glad your daughter is okay!!

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22nd Dec '09
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23rd Dec '09

my cousins little girl was born with something like that. All of her lower organs grew on the outside of her. She is now 3 years old and running around happy and healthy

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23rd Dec '09
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22nd Jan '10


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status 22nd Jan '10

This is an excellent post! I have Gastroshisis abnormality in my family. My older brother was born at 26 weeks Gestation via emergency c-sec with his intestines on the outside. Im on extra folic Acidvitamins just in case it happened to my pregnancies. Luckily it hasn't and I'm glad to see your LO is doing great!

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30th Apr '10


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9th Aug '10

I am a 27 year old gastroschisis baby. I was born at 36 weeks naturally with my parents having no clue anything was wrong. In 1982 the survival rate was quite a bit lower so they gave my parents almost no hope. I see most of your babies were breastfed, my mother had to feed me pre-digested formula. I have a very significant scar compared to all the beautiful babies I see on here! Anyway if anybody has any questions for an adult who was born with gastroschisis I would love to answer! or just parenttanks from those of us who have a common bond!

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23rd Oct '10

I wish I'd seen this a few weeks ago. My friend just lost her pregnancy earlier this week and what the doctors told her sounds exactly like this, except they told her it wasn't something they could fix and that the baby wouldn't survive :(.

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19th Dec '12

I'm so glad I found this post! I just found out at our 18 week ultrasound that our daughter has gastroschisis. It's unknown to me, I am just now gathering information and that makes it so terrifying. I have 4 other children, and everything was simple, routine, perfect... All your stories shared are reassuring and eye opening to the bigger picture. No surgeries and long hospital stays are not desirable or ideal but to see the pictures of these happy babies warms my heart. I am bawling through every word I am typing so bare with me if its a little jumbled. I have bookmarked this and will keep you all updated. Any advice or stories are welcomed!!!!

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13th Feb '13

Because I'm super bored I typed in gastroschisis, to see what threads came up and I had to comment :)

My gastro baby, is going to be 7 in may... I'm obsessed with averys angels and our reunions and fundraisers...

They had no kind of support system for gastro when I got preg with Dean,

Every1 was talking about greys last week because they had a baby on there with gastro, I haven't seen that show in forever but I'm dying to find it, lol

Have u seen this^^^^^

Deans at the end, at like 3:40 secs... :)