Incision feels like gristle??? Rumple Foreskin 3 kids; Kentucky 47763 posts
12th Oct '09

I had a c-section 3 1/2 months ago....and everything has gone fine and dandy and healed nicely...

But about 2 inches above my scar on my right side, it feels like a piece of chicken gristle or something under the skin....I thought maybe for a while it was some undissolved stitches, but I can feel the incision behind the scar, and this is about 2 inches above that, and I know my uterus isn't that high. It doesn't hurt, it's just weird feeling when I run my fingers across it. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any idea what it could be???

user banned 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 21095 posts
12th Oct '09

I'd think scar tissue.

LoveMonkey 35 kids; 2 angel babies; Salt Lake City, Utah 2444 posts
12th Oct '09

Possible scar tissue...

jaela's♥mommy {BBM} 1 child; Lewisville, Texas 10628 posts
12th Oct '09

i have that too, its scar tissue

Rumple Foreskin 3 kids; Kentucky 47763 posts
12th Oct '09

Would the scar tissue be so far away from the incision though?

Does it get better? Or at least, slightly less prominent? LOL.

user banned 2 kids; Washington 17453 posts
12th Oct '09

I just had a c section two weeks ago and I have that above my incision as well, so I think it might be normal, i dunno.

Shelaym Japan 1 posts
21st Nov '12

I had to have m "gristle" removed because it was on a nerve but it seems to be normal. as long as it is not causing any pain its fine. Plus having it removed is like having the c section all over again...