Amelia`s Mommy Due July 21 (girl); 1 child; Illinois 2 posts
29th Apr '13

Hey my name is Anna. I have a 9 month old daughter! & I'm engaged to Cody, live in Indiana! So hey everyone. (:

bennettcynthia74 Japan 46 posts
31st May '13

Hello, my name is Cynthia.

sick_girl Due February 24; 17 kids; Essen, Germany 3089 posts
15th Jun '13

I'm not sure if i have posted here before or not...

Hi, I'm LeAnne. I'm from America but i live in Germany. No we aren't military. My husband is German and I just like it better over here.

Little Richard's mommie! Due July 12 (boy); 1 child; Seneca, South Carolina 4431 posts
15th Jun '13

Hi my name is Tabitha.
I have a 3 month old little boy name Richard Lee :)

Robin Wyatt Miamisburg, Ohio 123 posts
23rd Jun '13

My name is Robin. I'm married to my high school sweat heart and ER have two girls. Maria (6) and Isabella (10 months). Our oldest Maria was born with a heart problem.

MamaElle Due April 2 (girl); Japan 3 posts
27th Jun '13
Quoting Gretchen Weiners:" **By popular demand!!** Learn everyone's name to go with their screen names! :D"

Hi, I'm Elle, I'm 27, have a 3 month old daughter Layla and I'm a single Mom :)

*Mason Mommy(: 1 child; Ohio 11 posts
13th Jul '13

My name is Alyssa & a son named Mason. My boyfriend & the father of my child is Dylan.:)

Zain&Brayans Mamma! 3 kids; Barbourville, Kentucky 15 posts
14th Jul '13

Hiii! = ))
My name is Tasha!
My Husbands name is Julio!
First Son and our sweet Angel Baby is Jairo Sky! 3!
Second born, first living son is Zain Alexander! 2!
Third born, second living son is Brayan Jeremiah 9 Months!

Garfield636 TTC since Apr 2013; 16 kids; Utica, Michigan 601 posts
17th Jul '13

My name is Magdalena and LOs name is Olaf

Karissa Milton Due August 6; Japan 1 posts
12th Aug '13

My name is Karissa!
And my son's name is Drake <3

Bee. 1 child; Halifax, NS, Canada 683 posts
15th Aug '13

Hi, I'm Mercedes :)
yup...just like the car! Lol

MaxandEli Due July 26; 2 kids; Tiffin, Ohio 5 posts
11th Sep '13

My name is Stephanie and my two sweet boys are Maxwell - 22 months and Elijah - 7 weeks

user banned TTC since Jul 2013; 1 child; Florida 41 posts
16th Sep '13

I am Lydea and my toy name is Johnny :)

DesertIris Due October 4 (boy); 1 child; 2 angel babies; 20 posts
1st Oct '13

My name is Kelsey. My husband is DJ (Daniel J. *J is our last name*). Our son is Jericho. :)
Nice to meet yall!