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2nd Dec '09

i have been lookin at craigslist for jobs, adn found this one to be a receptionist...
add said full time, 15-16 bucks an hour.
i emailed the person, got a response saying that position was filled but another was opened, for the Dex family dental... making 19 bucks an hour full benefits...

its a f**king scam.. they even scheduled an interview with me for next week, but i could never get the person to tell me where exactly they were located and WHAT exactly the job was.
so he had a link in the email for, that seemed odd and had no real information about this dentist office so i googled the guys name DAVID POHL and found out it is a scam and they are trying to get peoples personal info to steal identity!

it seemed legit but DAVID POHL is a fake ass... : (
i was really looking forward to this job.

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2nd Dec '09
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2nd Dec '09

craigslist is notorious for scamming, especially when it comes to the employment sections. im sorry girl.

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2nd Dec '09

Be careful w/ craigslist! I was looking for a babysitting job, & some guy messaged me saying he was interested. I thought he was legit, UNTIL he started asking me questions, wanting to meet me to talk about the job, at NIGHT, like wtf? Never again.

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2nd Dec '09

my hubby got scammed out of about $10,000 on a truck on craigslist! Needless to say craigslist is blocked on my computer!

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2nd Dec '09
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2nd Dec '09
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