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Newborn sweating? SailorJerry Due September 11 (boy); 2 kids; California 18051 posts
24th Jan '10

Is it normal for a newborn to sweat so much in his sleep? My son is only 5 days old, and every time I go get him for a feeding and a diaper change, he is awfully sweaty. He sleeps in a swaddled cotton receiving blanket, nothing heavy clothing wise, his bassinet is lined in a standard sheet, and the house is kept at a comfortable temperature. We also take his temperature often and it is always right at 97-98 degrees so I'm wondering if it has to do with learning to regulate his body temperature or something? Should he not be swaddled in a receiving blanket when going to bed?

♥K + G Due August 27 (boy); 1 child; d***o, 33084 posts
24th Jan '10

My LO has always sweated a lot. Still does at 8 months even in the freezing cold winter when I take his winter hat off he's drowning in sweat.

Conlon's Warden 1 child; Grand Rapids, Michigan 15185 posts
24th Jan '10
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Alender7 3 kids; Wayland, Michigan 854 posts
24th Jan '10

Hmmm, im curious because I was always told that newborns cant sweat to regulate their temp & thats why we have to watch them & check if theyre too hot or too cold.

SailorJerry Due September 11 (boy); 2 kids; California 18051 posts
24th Jan '10
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AF Wife 1 child; Wyoming 645 posts
24th Jan '10

my son has sweat very easily since he was about 2 weeks old. i think its normal.

ooooooooooooo New Jersey 450 posts
24th Jan '10

My son sweated a ton when he was a newborn. he loved to be swaddled so I only put a short sleeved onsie on him under the swaddle blanket. That seemed to help tremendously. Previously, I swaddled him in just regular cotton pjs underneath... but I think it was too warm.