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I joined BG when i was only 4 months pregnant and i've really enjoyed it so far. i finally gave birth to my son Quinn Patrick on October 7, only one day off from my due date. he weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz! i had him via c-section which was a disappointment at first but as long as my baby boy was healthy that is all that mattered. the love i have for him is over wheleming and i couldn't ask for a more perfect lil angel. looking at him brightens any gloomy day and brings joy into my heart.

A little about me:
my name is kelli. i am 21 years old and live on long island, new york. only about 40 minutes outside of manhattan, nyc. i have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now, his name is nick. our relationship isn't always ideal or easy, but at the end of the day i do love him and couldn't be more thankful to him for the wonderful gift of our baby son <3. i'm not the typical 21 year old club going party scene type of person. i stay in most weekends, and barely associate with anyone besides my boyfriend and family. but i'm okay with that. it's safe to say i'm a bit of a home-body. i currently do not work any type of job except for being Quinns mommy, which is really a job in itself!! but i would like to work a part time job somewhere only to meet some friends and what not. i'm obsessed with my shih-tzu puppies. i like tattoos and piercings although i don't have many, only 1 tattoo. it's safe to say my mom is my best friend. i love panera and chicken tacos! i love to travel and experience new places and food. i'm not a cook by any means but i looove food. i'm a very kind, polite and greatful person. i believe in and love God. i was raised catholic but do not practice much. only go to church on occasion but i pray every night and after holding my son for the first time and seeing the life that began and grew inside me it was hard to deny there is a God. he did give me my beautiful lil miracle <3. my life may not be the most exciting or crazy, but i am happy with what i have and couldn't feel more blessed.

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