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Ok so I'm never very good at trying to describe myself in a few toneless typed sentences but ill give it a go.

My names Jess and i've been rocking this planet we call Earth since 1987.

I'm studying to be a teacher for special needs children and i own a cat called Missy Elliot who excretes huge amounts of cute.
I find certain things funny that most people would find mundane, because its so rare to find genuinely funny things so its more fulfilling to be easily entertained.
This brings me nicely to the topic of getting pissed. That is a very good way to make things entertaining. It also couples nicely with loud music, and can also go with good food. Getting on the bottle happens frequently, but its usually guaranteed to be a good drop.
I have all the right features like two eyes, one nose, lips, teeth, two ears etc so i guess I've got something going for me right?
I'm right into everything, especially things that are left field and quirky. Pseudo-old modern stuff and dorky old stuff is great too.
I love 80's English bands.
I like safety pins
I love camp fire smoke in my face
I love rolling down large grassy hills.
Not with a full stomach of mocha however, that ends rather badly.
My blood type is O positive and i like my eggs over easy....
My favourite brand of tooth paste is Steradent, not because i have false teeth but because it tastes good :)
I have too many t-shirts and not enough pants.
I like learning big words and trying to use them.
I don't think getting older seems like much fun
I love people with cool hair
I like people with English or Irish accents.
I'm quite the list maker.:)
I love Boost Juice but i hate band aids....this has no connection but is important all the same.
I like to listen to music loudly, i like to drink and laugh as much as possible :)
I like to read books, i know....strange isn't it?
I like funny stuff especially Jack Black movies.
I love movies in general
Ive got some cushion for the pushin' but i love who i am and im not changing for anyone.
I can be outspoken and opinionated but its usually in good fun :)
Im loving, caring, compassionate, affectionate and fiercely loyal.

I have the most amazing boyfriend in the whole world who loves me for who i am and always makes me feel like im worth something!

Weve been together for four years and its been tough but we have definately come out the otherside shining together and i couldnt imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone but him :) he is my oxygen, he is my world but most of all he is the other half of my soul and my heart without him life wouldnt be worth living