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Hello!!! My name is Shannyn. I love my boys with all my heart!! On July 23 2013 my husband, my son Dylan and I all went through something that no one should ever have to go through. We lost our little boy, Brandon Lucas at 39 weeks pregnant and the day before our scheduled c-section. We found out on the 22nd that he had no heartbeat and had traveled to Heaven. He had blonde hair, weighed 6lbs 8oz, 20 1/4 in long, and looked just like his daddy. We're very thankful that we were able to hold and kiss him even though he wasn't there, it helped us to say goodbye. It isn't fair, I did everything right throughout the pregnancy but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. We're not angry with anyone or with God, we just don't understand. We want our little boy back and here with us, to be our little Brandon and Dylan's little brother but we won't get him back. All we can do is hold him in our hearts and tell him we love him every day still. Rest In Paradise my handsome little angel. Brandon Lucas Barker 7/23/2013-7/23/2013

We are very thankful to have our son Dylan! He's our light, our humor, our joy in this world. I don't know where we would be without him. He completes us and we want to give him everything that we can. I can't wait to watch him grow up and see the man that he becomes, but for right now I'm just enjoying the 5 year old little guy who's starting kindergarten and soccer this year.


Brandon Lucas Barker at 7weeks old
2kqzpd.jpgDecember 6th 2:30pm- first Dr's appointment
1st ultrasound Dec. 12 11:30am- baby is healthy, growing and good strong heart beat, we are 7 weeks and 2 days along, due date is the 29th of July but I'm keeping my due date because I know when we baby danced!!
Jan. 8 2013- felt some flutters, nothing big but a few here and there.
Jan 9th 2:30pm-Dr's appointment with the Nurse Practioner. Everything went great, got to see the little bean!! Moving all around and very active! Heart beat around 155-160bmp. Still measuring a week behind my calculations, but since we're having a scheduled C-Section we get to pick the date!
Jan. 12 1:45am- Kevin got to feel the baby moving!! It wasn't much but he was able to feel it. He put his face where the baby was and he said it felt like the baby was boxing/kicking away at his jaw. So cute!
Feb. 7th 11:00am- 2nd Dr's appointment with the Dr. Hopefully the hubby can go with and get to meet her!
March 13th 9:00am- Ultrasound and we get to find out the sex of the baby!! We'll be meeting with the NP afterwords and hopefully get to schedule the due date (c-section) for this little one then. Hubby and Dylan get to go with me!! CANNOT WAIT! We are having another boy!!! I get to be surrounded by boys and I'm loving it!!
April 17th 8:45am- Had our Dr's appointment. Everything is going great! We were 25 weeks and 2 days along with a blood pressure of 110/60 which is wonderful to hear!! There are still no signs of my preeclampsia that I had with Dylan thank goodness! Now we just have to pick his due date and figure out the baby shower date. I can't believe we have less than 100 days left! Next appointment is May 10th, we get our free 3D/4D ultrasound and then start the every 2 weeks appointments and my glucose test the 9th!
May 10th 9:00am- The 3D/4D ultrasound turned out great!! My glucose test came back perfect! The Dr was great and Kevin got to meet her finally. Great Dr's appointment and the last of the every 4 weeks. We are now at the every 2 weeks stage!! Wow it's going so fast!
May 23rd 2:45pm- Dr's appointment went well!! Blood pressure is still rocking it at the right place and so is weight gain! Next one is on June 7th!
June 7th 9:30am- BP was higher than it has been, she's having me come back in a week to check it again and asked me to check it while I'm at work. It's still high :( I have a headache that won't go away and I'm seeing spots. This can't be good. It sounds like my pre-e is going to happen again just like it did with Dylan....
June 13th 11:45am- Well it went good. BP was still high but not as high as it had been all week. We had a stress test done and scheduled all my next appointments. I have to go in twice a week now for a BP check, an u/s and stress test every Monday, then a stress test and office visit every Thursday. I also have to check my BP every day while at work or go to Frys so I can check it there.
June 17th 3 & 3:45pm- AFI u/s and stress test with BP check up...please go well. Everything went well. He was weighing in at 5lbs 7oz and we got to see some of his hair! The Dr. decided to put me on bed rest since my BP was still high over the weekend and while I was at work. Here's to staying calm as can be and letting him cook a little longer!
June 20th 9:15am- NST and the Strep B test. Everything went great, BP is dropping back down to "normal" so the bed rest is working.
June 24th 9:30am- AFI u/s went great. Fluids are where they should be and so is his growth rate. The NST was good, they had to shock him once though because he wasn't moving around like he usually does. After they shocked him he went crazy and was awake for a long time lol
June 27th 10:15am- NST and Dr's office visit. Everything went well!
July 1st 8:30am and 9:00am- AFI u/s and NST. Fluid Lvls look good and NST went good.
July 2nd 2:30pm- Got called to come in to see the Dr, my appointment was supposed to be the 3rd but since they'll be closed tomorrow the 4th. My BP was high, 140/80 and wouldn't drop so they sent me for some lab work. I'm doing the 24hr pee collection at home and they took my blood yesterday and will take it again today. I hope it all comes out okay. It's the screening for Pre-e. I have an NST scheduled at the hospital for tomorrow morning at 10am.
July 23rd 9:11pm- Brandon Lucas Barker was born into Heaven. We got to hold and kiss and angle that will be with us for the rest of our lives. I love you Brandon, you will forever be in our hearts and by our sides. There won't be a day that goes by that we don't think about you.