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Age 30
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Professional
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Kids 1
Claire-Paint-Brush-Fancy.png2ikfdza.pngI live in the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada [[No I'm not a show girl lol nor do I love in a hotel on the strip ]]
vegas.jpgliving-happily.pngsry8m7.pngrockin-since-2005.jpgzachary.gif I have a 2 yr old son [[October 22 2008]] Zachary David <3
ive-loved-you-since-you-were-born.gif18usm7.png?AYK0VNhFStarting preconception preparations, charting,vitamins

yIgnm7.png?rGwBvrLgf_7568a59ffb82.jpg ticker_ovcdn.php?v=16,3,0,2011-6-19,28,1pregnancy-1.jpgParenting Ways:
heart-of-a-mother.jpgBreastfeeding [but formula is not a crime to use, whatever works for you and yours]
Natural Birth [ goal is healthy baby and mom]
Delayed Vax
Gentle Parenting
Child-led parenting
Extended Rear Facing [ its careless not to do this]
Faith based education and lifestyle [God loves you,even if you don't]
2006APIlogo.jpgLifestyle Ways:
Conservative [but not a republican]
Supportive of LOVE [marriage should be between consenting adults,regardless of gender]
Teen parents do not need bashing, they need encouragement and support.

Cleaning, I think I was a maid in a past life
Taking my son to feed ducks, to buy cars and shopping
Enjoying life in Las Vegas, I'm getting pretty damn good at black jack
Going to shows and fine dining
zumba1.pngimagesCA2WKGZ1.jpgTake it while it comes