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Age 35
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Due Jan 02, 2012
Im a mommy who spends her days doing mommy things. Changing shitty diapers and yelling at kids! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Im a married mom of 3 beautiful girls aged 9, 7 and 3! Im a Guider with Girl Guides of Canada. I support our troops but I do not support the war. Im not big into politics or religion I have my own spiritual beliefs and proud of them. I am currently a Gestational Surrogate...meaning I am carrying a baby for an other couple not using any of mine or my husbands genetics. I am very proud and happy and excited to be on this journey as it has been a dream of mine since before having my own children. Feel free to ask me questions as I believe that most people dont understand surrogacy and I like to use the opportunity to educate people on it!