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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Bakersfield, California
Kids 1
Due Apr 24, 2013 (boy)
<i><b>hello my name is Blanca i am 22 years old and currently pregnant with my second child. I live n Bakersfield, CA but was born in Salinas, CA.The Hubby Glenn lives in Bakersfield, CA but was born in Japan (he is a white boy his parents where stationed there when he was born) I am so excited for this baby but also scared do to the fact i have one kidney i have a kidney disease called Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease also known as (MCDK) I am praying that my child is not born with this problem because i do not want to limit him or her from playing sports or other things they possibly may not be able to do. but other then that i am happy and cant wait for my baby to arrive.

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♥<b>1st Trimester</b>♥
1 - 4 Weeks: 1 Month: <b><i>DONE! </i>
</b>5 - 8 Weeks: 2 Months: <i><b>DONE!</b></i>
9 -13 Weeks: 3 Months: <i><b>DONE!</b></i>
<b>♥2nd Trimester</b>♥
18 - 21 Weeks: 5 Months:<i><b> baking
22 - 26 Weeks: 6 Months:<i><b>
</i><b>♥3rd Trimester</b>♥
27 - 31 Weeks: 7 Months:
32 - 36 Weeks: 8 Months:
37 - 40 Weeks: 9 Months:

<b>About Mommy:
Name:</b> <i><b>Blanca</b></i>
<b>Age:</b> <i>23
About The Father:
Name:</b><i> <b>Glenn</b></i>
<b>Age:</b> <i>25
</i><b>Are you still together:</b> yes we are, we are married :)

<b>About Your Pregnancy:</b>
<b>Is this your first pregnancy:</b> <i>no its my second
</i><b>When did you find out you were pregnant:</b> august 2012
</i><b>What was your first reaction:</b> I was so happy!!!!
<b>Who was with you when you found out:</b> <i>My husband.</i>
<b>Who was the first person you told:</b> <i>Aside from my hubby i also told my sister
</i><b>How did your parents react:</b> <i>My mommy was super excited my dad was shocked but now he is happy</i>
<b>How far along are you:</b> <i>21 weeks
<b>What was your first symptom: </b><i>Sore breasts, fatigue, late period.
</i><b>What is your due date:</b> <i>april 25, 2013
<b>Do you know the sex of the baby:</b> <i>yes i do
</i><b>If so, what is it:</b> <i>a boy :)
</i><b>Have you picked out names:</b><i> yes </i>
<b>If so, what are they:</b> <i> anthony jordan ( a.j)
<b>How much weight have you gained:</b> <i>18 lbs
</i><b>Do you have stretch marks:</b> <i>yes </i>
<b>Have you felt the baby move:</b> <i>a lot</i>
<b>Have you heard the heartbeat:</b> <i>Yes</i>
<b>About The Birth:
Will you keep the baby:</b> <i>yes we will
</i><b>Natural or medicated birth:</b> <i>not sure yet
</i><b>Who will be in the delivery room with you:</b> <i>My husband and hopefully my mommy</i>
<b>Will you breastfeed:</b> <i>I plan on it
</i><b>Do you think you'll need a c-section:</b> <i>Hopefully not
</i><b>Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time:</b> <i>I'm pretty sure I will</i>
<b>What's the first thing you might say to him/her:</b> <i>i am sure i will tell him i love him</i>
<b>Would you let someone videotape the birth:</b> <i>i don't know
</i><b>Are you excited about the birth, or scared:</b><i> I am excited but also nervous abut it</i>
<b>Other Random Questions:
Where was your baby conceived?:</b> think either at home in our bed
<b>What race(s) will your baby be?</b> Mixed i am Hispanic my hubby is white<i>
</i><b>Will your baby have godparents?:</b> i don't know
<b>What is the baby's room theme?:</b> <i>we haven't figured out a theme yet</i>
<b>What was the first thing you bought for the baby?:</b> <i>nothing yet</i>
<b>If you already have kids, how do you think they will adjust to the new baby?:</b> <i>i think he will be fine
</i><b>Will you cloth diaper?:</b> <i>no we don't plan on it
</i><b>BFing or formula?:</b> breastfeeding hopefully<i> </i>
<b>What physical features do you hope the baby will get from you?:</b> my dorkiness lol my hubby loves when i am a dork lol
<b>Is he ready to be a daddy?:</b> <i>i know he is ready </i>
<b>Are you ready to be a mommy?:</b> <i>i am ready
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