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Age 28
Gender Female
Status Married
Work model, stay at home mom
Location Houston, Texas
Interest writing modeling singing, being mommy
Kids 1
Due Jul 30, 2013 (girl)
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<b>First Trimester:
</b>1-4 weeks [1 month]- <i>Complete</i>
5-8 weeks [2 months]- <i>Complete</i>
9-12 weeks [3months]- Complete
<b>Second Trimester:
</b>13-16 [4 months]- Complete
17-20 [5 months]- Complete
21-24 [6 months]- Complete<img src="*xJmx*PTEzMDY4ODQxODY2MzgmcHQ9MTMwNjg4NDIwMzgyNyZwPTE4MDMxJmQ9Jmc9MSZvPWYwOTY3Y2Q2MmFmNzRmMjJhM2U*/Y2U1NGRlYzc*MWE3.gif" /><img src="*xJmx*PTEzMDY4ODQxODY2MzgmcHQ9MTMwNjg4NDIwMzgyNyZwPTE4MDMxJmQ9Jmc9MSZvPWYwOTY3Y2Q2MmFmNzRmMjJhM2U*/Y2U1NGRlYzc*MWE3.gif" /><b>Third Trimester:
</b>25-28 [7 months]- Complete<3
29-32 [8 months]- Complete
33-36 [9 months]- Complete<b>
</b>37-40 [10 months]- Complete<b>-</b><i> </i><b> </b>

About Mommy:
</b><i>Name: Amber Sweet Pivero
Age: </i>24
<i>First child? </i>Yes
<b>About Daddy:
</b><i>Name: Shawn MikHail Clayton</i>
<i>Age: 25</i>
<i>First child? </i>Yes.
<b>Finding out:</b>
<i>What day did you find out? 30 July 2011</i>
<i>How did you feel when you found out? I was shocked, scared, excited</i>
<i>Who was with you? My fiance Shawn</i>
<i>Who was the first person you told?</i> My Mom
<i>How did the daddy react? </i>Freaked him out
<b>Telling the grandparents:
</b><i>How did your parents react? </i>Both mom and dad weren't surprised at all
<i>How did his parents react? His mom was surprised.</i>
<i>Are they helping with baby names? Nope
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?</i> Yes clothes, baby tub a lot of stuff
<i>How often do they call to check on you?</i> All the time
<b>About the pregnancy:
</b><i>When was your first appointment? 01 August 2011</i>
<i>When is your due date? 29 March 2012</i>
<i>How far along are you? 11 weeks
Have you had an ultrasound? yep</i>
<i>Have you heard the heartbeat? yep</i>
<i>What was the heartbeat?</i> 121
<b>Sex of the baby:
</b><i>What do you want? Girl</i>
<i>What does the daddy want? </i>Girl
<i>What do you think your having? Girl</i>
<i>Have you had your big ultrasound yet? No</i> , the 30th of September is it though.
<i>If so, what are you having? Girl

</i><b>About the birth:
</b><i>Do you know what you are taking with you? Nope lol</i>
<i>Who is going to be with you? just the fiance</i>
<i>Are you going to videotape it? no</i>
<i>Natural or medicated? had a c-section</i>
<i>Do you think you will need a c-section? I did</i>
<i>Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time? I did</i>
<i>Are you scared about the labor?</i> yesss and was in it 2 weeks early then had the c-section
</b><i>Do you have a name picked out? </i>Yes
<i>Girl names: Amethyst Rose Clayton
Boy names: Samuel Ray Clayton
Is your baby going to be named after someone?</i> No
<b>Other random questions:
</b><i>Where was your baby conceived? Utah</i>
<i>Have you felt the baby move? i think so</i>
<i>What ethnicity will your baby be? Caucasian</i>
<i>Do you have stretch marks? Not yet</i>
<i>What was your first symptom? Feeling very sick</i>
<i>What religion will the baby know? </i>Not sure yet
<i>What music or interest do you want the baby to know? Whatever my baby likes </i>
<i>Will your baby have godparents? </i>Possibly
<i>Who will be the god-mommy-to-be? Someone close to me</i>
<i>Who will be the god-daddy-to-be? IDK</i>
<i>What's the baby's room theme? care bears</i>
<i>What was the first thing you bought for the baby? nothing yet</i>

Amethyst Rose Clayton was born 17 March 2012 at 13:26 she was 9lbs 4oz 22inches