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Hi, I'm Esther. My friend's and family call me Esty or EstherMonster. That's me:2po5ov4.gif


I'm currently a SAHM of two wonderful kids. My hobbies include: Music, art, photography, painting, sewing, drawing, cooking, mixed media, punk, femipunk, feminism, activism (did activist work before I had my kids.) nature, monsters, horror, romance, books, learning, having fun & chilling.



I am currently battling PPD. It's been very hard on my family and has especially been very hard on myself. I am still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking for that gleam of hope. Everytime I look at my children, I know I have to be strong and carry on for them. Things will get better. They have to.

Aika (あいか) means "love song" in Japanese. She is def my love song. And everything else to me.title886728040.pngAika was born on February 8th, 2012 at 6:05 AM. 8 pounds, one ounce. She was delivered vaginally & naturally with the help of our midwife & doula in Boston, MA. Above is the picture of me & her Daddy welcoming her into this world.

Aika back in the day:

765f7be5274d510b08599dbe46884e66.jpgAika now:


My daughter is currently considered "special needs". Aika has an undiagnosed case of FTT (failure to thrive.) It is undiagnosed because we don't know what is causing her lack of weight gain and lack of growth. Aika is currently 2 and a half and only weighs 18 pounds. She has been at that weight for almost a year. She has fallen off the growth percentile chart and her head circumference is very small.  Her lack of growth has affected her brain development and suffers from a few developmental delays. We are currently getting tons of testing done to find a diagnoses to her lack of growth and FTT. She's my little warrior. She's super strong.


Breastfeeding ribbons:

roughstartawardbar2-purple.jpg Rough start.
Breastfeedingribbon6wks.jpg 6 Weeks.
3monthbfribbon-1.jpg 3 Months
bf6months-1.jpg 6 Months.
Breastfeedingribbon9m.jpg 9 Months.
bfribbon12months.jpg 12 Months. (One year! Yay!)
c0d35a029cf48494676c0f2ebaf197e7.jpg 18 Months.

Lilypie Breastfeeding tickersI am currently Breastfeeding baby #2, Zeke.


a6b69111e31a32a3469701242b227e6b.jpg That's Zeke. Or as I call him, my little Zekepoo. He's the newest addition to the family. He's my little humbug.

ef528b2561c41d2e5406d4d84f500d47.jpgZeke was born on March 26, 2014, naturally with the help of a midwife at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. He was born at 38 weeks and weighed in at 9 pounds even. 





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