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My name is Rae , I'm 18 years old . I found out i
was pregnant. when i was 16 on August.4th.2011,
I am finally parenting my beautiful daughter & even
tho my Baby was not planned. I still love her more
than anything, I am not with the father , But i am engaged
to a wonderful person i have 3 years of history with.
We are happy together & plan to be for quite a long time.
We're no different than any other family. I love these
wonderful people i've been blessed with .
` O4.1O.12 & O4.22.1O <3 dabt & rjcs

August.4th.2011 - took an at home pregnancy test possitive, went to mount carmel clinic the same evening & confirmed by doctor that i am 5 weeks pregnant

August.19.2011-Mommy turns 17 :)

November.16th.2011 Wednesday - First ultrasound, about 19 weeks & 3 days.

November.23rd.2011 - 20 weeks pregnant, halfway there

march.27th - found out i was having a girl (hsc)

April.9th.2012 , water broke @ 9:22 in the morning.