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this site has went to far down hill, it has become a fight arena instead of a place of acceptance and understanding. the women on here are far to obsessed with social media when they should be playing with their kids and growing with them since a lot of them missed it the first time around.
rules on the words you say really? Sorry but for me it is far to childish to have to censer non-vulgar words... and to continue to attack someone after they have apologized numerous times is just childish. but that is exactly what you will find here.
the women will tell you" only the strong survive baby gaga" when they really mean is im to hopelessly addicted to do more productive things during my time.
I challenge each of you who come to my page trolling for more information to step away from the computer and your phone or laptop and really pay attention to your children, you dont need a parenting site, that is why you have motherly instincts, which you should never second guess, to give up this site for a month or more if you think you can with out replacing the time you spend on it with another site. to take up a hobby or to have a tickle fight with your kids where they are your sole focus not if you have an update of a topic reply.

ever wonder why you run across so many deleted profiles?
because we found better things to do then start a cat fight on the internet.