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You will never know me until u sit down and talk to me. Im 18 but i have been through alot in my life but i dont dwell on my past because we have no control on wat happens. I just let go and let god take control. I am engaged to get married to lance we have been togethe three years this august. We have been through alot together but it has made our love stronger. My family and lances family mean alot to me i love them
because at the end of the day, they are really all you have.
my lifes my life, you dont have to live it i do, so if it doesnt concern you stay out of it.
i havent had a house full of expensive things, but ive had love in my home, and thats all that matters.
but how i see it, my lifes just begining, childhoods over...
im an adult now, and im starting my life.
im making myself, and family proud.