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well first off i'm 18 and live in New braunfels TEXAS baby. i'm a soon to be mother of a beautiful baby Girl Aubree. i love her so much. i have an amazing boyfriend that i love to death. Travis Wayne Schuster. Yes girls he is taken:) He is my best friend and the person i trust with everything. me and him have been through so much but it made us realize that we cant live without each other. we disagree on almost everything and we fight but thats what makes us perfect. He is also Aubrees daddy. he is going to make a wonderful daddy. they are my world and couldnt live a day without them.
i hate drama but that wont stop me from saying what i think and how i feel about things. i'm an easy person to get along with but i'm also an easy person to hate. i dont care what people think because im not in this world to please you or anyone else. this is my life and ill live it the best way i know how if u dont like it then work on ur own life and stop looking at mine. i'm outspoken and dont care if i make anyone mad. my life is mine to live no one elses. i'm out going and sometime i dont make alot of sence but thats me i live in my own little world. i love my friends and i cant live without my family. so if u wanna know more just shoot me a message and ill write back:)