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</b>Hi my Name is Stephanie n I have a beautiful baby girl named Brianna she is 10 months. And growing fast soon she will be a year well to my surprise I found out that I am expecting another baby girl in December
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</b>I am in the love with my babies daddy he is the most amazing guy that i could ever wish for . Yes he drives me crazy but what can i say any man will but he always seems to stay by my side. He has been there through out this pregnancy and i appreciate him very much. I WUB YOU JOSH!!! I met him Through a friend of mine he was so shy so i never knew he liked me but he finally came up to me and we started talking and we hit it off . Yes we have had our ups and downs but in any relationship there will always be ups and downs a couple months later i found out i was pregnant and well he kinda was scared at first but he got used to the idea and KNOW HE JUST CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIS LITTLE GIRL and neither can i !!!
<img src="" /><b>My Third Trimester:</b>
Well I am 37 weeks and three days i have been feeling huge but what can i say the baby has to grow right? lol i have been having quite a bit of cramping didnt really mind them but today 10/18/11 at 1:03 am i got a very painful contraction it lasted about one minute i didnt think i would get any again but maybe about 20 minutes later i got another it lasted about one minute to a minute and a half very painful !!!!!!! but its only two in one hour so boo i guess my body is just getting ready for labor lol