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A Little About Me
I'm Whitney. I work part time for my mother as a packer for a moving company. My job only really gets busy in the Spring & Summer, so usually I stay at home with my kids.
My SO & I have been together since 9/22/05, so when I was 15. A month before my 16 bday I found out I was expecting DS. I wasn't exactly thrilled to be a teenage mother, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. After Several years using various types of birth control & having 3 miscarriages when those failed I decided that the Mirena would be my best option.
Two & a half years after getting the Mirena I got pregnant with my DD. Apparently it had come loose & the Dr. told me that it was hardly in anymore. So now I am the proud mother of 2 very unexpected, but very loved LOs. :)